Trade and exports
Trade and exports

Improved cargo facilities

Our cargo area handles more air freight than all other UK airports combined. We’re proposing to overhaul and double our cargo capacity with expansion – and we’re already starting work today.

67% of Fresh Fish
45% of Medical Apparatus
90% Precious and semi-precious pearls, stone and metal
South Africa
41% Books, newspapers & pictures
36% Aerospace components
Hong Kong
51% Leather
55% Apparel and clothing accessories
44% of Pharmaceuticals

Heathrow’s ability to continue to be the cargo hub for the UK will be critical to the airport’s success, airline business models and the UK economy.

We’re already announced a £180 million cargo blueprint to begin work improving facilities to support this but with expansion we have the opportunity to completely transform this area.

Cargo improvements with expansion

Our plan for the redevelopment of Heathrow’s airfield with expansion allows for the complete overhaul of its cargo facilities

Key elements of this plan include:

  • New underground access roads airside between apron areas and the cargo zone to speed up transport;
  • New air-to-air freight facilities to speed up the transfer of cargo between flights;
  • Higher volumes of freight on vehicles, reducing the number of vehicle journeys required;
  • More cargo capacity on airport – helping to reduce the number of shuttle trips to and from off-airport facilities.

Our £180m cargo blueprint

The blueprint plans were developed with key stakeholders as part of a 15 year vision to invest £180million in revolutionising its cargo facilities, processes and people.

Better infrastructure is at the heart of our plan with the aim of reducing congestion and smoothing processes, all enabling a halving of airport processing time from 8-9 hours, to four hours.

A specialist pharmaceutical storage area – to support airlines to move highly valuable and temperature sensitive medicines – as well as a becoming “e-freight” ready are other key elements of our plan.

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