Trade and exports
Trade and exports

Facts and figures

Cargo and freight is the often untold success story of an international hub airport like Heathrow! In fact, Heathrow is the UK’s busiest port by value!

Trade statsWe’ve taken a look at some of the facts and figures behind cargo and Heathrow.

  • £101bn of goods travelled via Heathrow in 2014 – that’s more than the UK’s two biggest shipping ports – Felixstowe and Southampton – combined!
  • 29% of the UK’s long-haul goods by value travelled via Heathrow in 2015 – by comparison 0.2% travelled via Gatwick;
  • 95% of air freight travels in the belly-hold of passenger aircraft at Heathrow;
  • 46,000 tonnes of fresh Scottish Salmon was exported via Heathrow in the last 12 months – that’s the equivalent weight of 230 blue whales;
  • The top 5 Heathrow exports by value are: Jewellery and precious (£4.37bn/year), Machinery (£2.13bn), Medicines and pharmaceuticals (£1.24bn), Electrical machinery (£0.88bn), and Photography and Cinematographic equipment (£0.83bn)..
  • The top 10 most unknown UK exports in a recent study were Diamons (91.6% of those surveyed), False eyelashes (89.2%), Television parts (83.8%), Binoculars (82.6%), Sugar (82.7%), Fuels (82.2%), Pets (81.2%), Umbrellas (79.9%), Oil (79.3%), Iron (79.1%).

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Trade data is by value and is sourced: Seabury – UK Monthly Trade Database (2016); Heathrow Analysis (2016); UK Trade info available here. Gold, pearls and diamonds have been excluded from this calculation. Download the full 29% calculation, click here.


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