Trade and exports
Trade and exports

Exporter benefits and support

With over £110bn of UK cargo travelling through Heathrow in 2015, it is little wonder exporters support a bigger and better Heathrow.

From BBOXX solar-powering 35 countries across the world, to Stafford’s Louis Barnett sending chocolate to Chile, and Sound Moves transporting the world’s biggest bands – exporters and businesses support a bigger Heathrow.

Exporter benefits and connecting to emerging markets around the world

With 80% of the country’s long-haul routes and almost 60% of its airfreight travelling through the airport, Heathrow is crucial to the success of UK businesses.

Not only does it connect businesses to emerging regional markets, but it is Britain’s link to trade and investment opportunities in Europe, Asia and America.

Expansion at Heathrow will give exporters access to up to 40 new destinations and emerging markets.

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