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As the UK’s hub airport, Heathrow brings significant economic and social benefits to the country and local people. Developing Heathrow sustainably is a key objective for us which is why we’re committed to ensure the local community benefits are realised.

Adobe noise insulated play areas are one of the ways in which we're helping to reduce impacts in the community.

Adobe noise insulated play areas are one of the ways in which we’re helping to reduce impacts in the community.

Heathrow is one of the biggest single site employers in the entire country with 76,500 directly employed.

With expansion we have the potential to create huge local economic benefits and up to 40,000 jobs across local areas and London.

Increased green space and better flood protection

Our plans would increase the amount of publicly accessible green space around the airport. We have thought about how best to mitigate the effects of the development on local rivers and flood protection.

Heathrow Green Spaces CGI 2

Our measures will protect people and properties against flooding offering the potential for an improved situation compared to today.

We will provide new, publicly accessible green spaces in the Colne Valley Park and other key areas around Heathrow. In total, our plans include £105m of investment in creating publicly accessible green spaces that will be approximately four times the size of Hyde Park.

We are also investigating opportunities to provide other facilities, such new picnic areas, horse riding areas, mountain bike trails, outdoor gyms and a natural swimming pool in the park.

There will be opportunities for informal recreation associated with the river and flood storage ponds in the west, and more formal gardens and play areas at Sipson.

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