Businesses across the UK have shown their support for Heathrow expansion and the benefits will bring.


From Sound Moves UK, a business moving tour equipment for the world’s biggest bands, to BBOX, a company providing solar energy to 35 countries, there is a wide range of business support for Heathrow.

The announcement of our manifesto for Britain highlights the significant economic gains all nations and regions of the UK will benefit from Heathrow expansion. As a result, our support base is broad and covers all sectors.


Heathrow has always supported and encouraged the growth of Britain’s regional airports and does not see itself as competition. We are the UK’s only hub airport, offering connections and flights to destinations that would not be commercially viable from other airports. We are therefore proud of having the backing of no fewer than 32 UK airports across England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Airport support

Heathrow prides itself as being a national asset that benefits and supports every nation and region of the United Kingdom. We recently launched our manifesto for Britain outlining the opportunities, jobs and growth that could be delivered through expansion. As a result we enjoy continued strong political support from across the UK.

Welsh & Scottish Tory support

Business benefits from Heathrow expansion:

  • Greater access to Heathrow via air and taking advantage of planned rail upgrades;
  • New throughout the supply chain for construction and operation of the new facilities;
  • Potential for 40 new destinations via Heathrow including to emerging markets in China and south America;
  • Increased and more efficient cargo facilities;
  •  New commercial areas and opportunities around the airport.

WATCH: Find out more about some of the exporters supporting a bigger Heathrow, here.

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