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Local community

Local benefits

We’re committed to ensuring the benefits created for local communities by Heathrow expansion are maximised. Expansion at the airport is a chance to provide a huge economic and employment boost to an area where it is needed.


It is estimated Heathrow expansion will create up to 40,000 local jobs while creating up to £35.1.bn in GDP impacts for London as a whole by 2050.

Creating new jobs and apprenticeships

As one of the UK’s largest single-site employers, expanding Heathrow would lead to increased opportunities and training, particularly for local young people.

With expansion, we will double the number of apprenticeships across the airport to 10,000 by 2030 and support wider programmes to champion employability skills training in skills.

Approximately 300 apprenticeships are currently started each year across the airport. This number would double with the opportunities an expanded Heathrow would bring.

This would mean: 3,000 apprenticeships in the lead up to construction, a further 3,000 during construction, and then another 4,000 during operation until 2030. We will continue to deliver an apprenticeship programme beyond 2030 and will establish our target for this by 2025.

Expansion at Heathrow has the potential to end youth unemployment in the five surrounding boroughs to the airport – Ealing, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Slough and Spelthorne. Youth unemployment currently accounts for a third of total unemployment in the five local boroughs.

More than 76,000 people are already directly employed on site in Heathrow. In the surrounding area, Heathrow supports a total of 114,000 jobs and accounts for one in five (22%) of local jobs.

New green spaces and increased flood protection

We have developed an integrated strategy for flood protection, biodiversity and landscape. The strategy will eventually form part of a Local Plan that realigns watercourses and creates new areas of flood storage in an enhanced Colne Valley Park.

Our plans see existing river routes diverted and redesigned so as to create new areas of flood storage that, with the introduction of other measures, would improve flood protection for local communities.

Our plans aim to provide better links and access to local countryside and improved recreational facilities. We aim to increase the amount of publicly accessible green space that exists around the airport and to create an enhanced environment for biodiversity.

This will create new green corridors that can link together existing outdoor recreation areas, such as those found in the existing Colne Valley Regional Park and at Cranford Park.

There are also opportunities to provide new public facilities which we are exploring – looking at things like picnic areas, horse riding areas, mountain bike trails, outdoor gyms and a swimming pool.

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