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Local community

Compensation: Noise and property

Following consultation with local communities we have unveiled improvements to both our noise and property compensation schemes.


Heathrow’s Property compensation

In the event that planning permission is granted for Heathrow’s proposal, we anticipate 750 properties would be subject to compulsory purchase.

In May 2014, Heathrow announced plans to provide compensation for those properties affected of 25% above un-blighted market value plus stamp duty costs and all legal fees in relation to purchasing a new home.

Following a public consultation last year, Heathrow is also proposing to extend this offer to cover homes that would be in close proximity to a new runway but would not be compulsorily purchased, in a designated zone.

Under this compensation scheme, residents living in communities close to the new runway, in a designated zone, would have the choice to either remain in their home OR sell their home at 25% above market value once the new runway is being constructed.

The new offer would cover approximately 3,750 homes.

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Noise mitigation scheme

Heathrow has proposed a revised noise insulation scheme that goes above and beyond UK policy requirements, expands on Heathrow’s previous proposals and is comparable to those offered by other European hub airports.

The newly proposed scheme would offer noise insulation to a zone based on the 55 decibel noise contour, the preferred measure of noise used by the European Union and the Mayor of London.

In total, Heathrow estimates that over £700 million could be spent through our noise insulation scheme, an increase of over £450 million from that previously offered by Heathrow in its May 2014 submission to the Airports Commission, and an increase of over £610 million from its previous proposals for a third runway.

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