Jobs and growth
Jobs and growth

Supply chain opportunities

The first wave of jobs and benefits to be created from Heathrow expansion will come from the planning and development of the additional runway and new terminals. These supply chain opportunities alone will generate billions of pounds of UK economic benefits.

Suppliers from across Britain helped build the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow.

Suppliers from across Britain helped build the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow.

The airport has now begun to develop a comprehensive procurement strategy for the £15.6 billion in private investment that will deliver new hub airport capacity for the UK.

The procurement strategy will focus on developing skills, creating jobs and encouraging growth across the whole of the UK – ensuring that SMEs across the country have the confidence and the support they need to access Heathrow’s supply chain.

Supply chain opportunities across Britain

We’ve already begun creating a Procurement Forum with representatives from different sectors and experiences and from across different regions who will work with Heathrow to champion and challenge the procurement strategy of the airport’s expansion.


The objective of the forum will be to make sure Heathrow has the right strategy in place to deliver Heathrow expansion both on time and on budget, whilst also considering the wider implications of other major programmes underway, and the supply chain opportunities for growth across Britain.

Heathrow will also add an additional element to its annual business summit – which connects SMEs with the airport’s supply chain – to include an event outside of London for the first time. Heathrow currently spends over £1.5 billion annually with over 1,200 suppliers from around the UK.

Scotland has been announced as the first location to host a supply chain hub for Heathrow expansion.

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