Jobs and growth
Jobs and growth

Local jobs and benefits

Heathrow expansion will provide local jobs and benefits, and a much needed economic boost for the next generation.


It’s estimated up to 40,000 jobs will be created in Heathrow’s local communities with expansion at the airport.

This will include double the number of apprenticeships available at Heathrow to 10,000 by 2030.

These jobs and apprenticeships will be where they are needed, where people live and where many are unemployed today.

A development of this scale offers further opportunities beyond more passengers travelling through, which is why our plan is designed to allow local and regional businesses to flourish.

Boosting local employment

Our detailed modelling shows these jobs will not cause an influx of new workers, straining housing and other services. Instead, it will provide jobs for the growing local population.

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We can do this thanks to the large, sophisticated labour markets around Heathrow, improved public transport access from elsewhere in the region and the opportunities for regeneration in our area.

Thousands of local people who would otherwise be without work, or would have to travel long distances, will be able to take jobs at the airport.

Boosting green leisure spaces in the local area…

Our plans aim to provide better links and access to local countryside and improved recreational facilities. We aim to increase the amount of publicly accessible green space that exists around the airport and to create an enhanced environment for biodiversity.


We’ve proposed £105m towards these initiatives within our proposal, which will lead to public green spaces growing around the airport to be approximately four times the size of Hyde Park.

This will create new green corridors that can link together existing outdoor recreation areas, such as those found in the existing Colne Valley Regional Park and at Cranford Park.

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