Why Heathrow?
Why Heathrow?

Our pledges

If Government supports a third runway at Heathrow, we will:

Connecting Britain to economic growth

by enabling airlines to add new long-haul to fast-growing markets

Connect UK nations and regions to global markets

by working with airlines and Government to deliver better air and rail links between UK regions and Heathrow

Create more than 180,000 new jobs nationwide

by developing our local employment, apprenticeships and skills programmes and supporting supply chain throughout the UK, including during construction

Connect exporters to global markets

by doubling Heathrow’s freight handling capacity

Build more quickly and at lower cost to taxpayers than building a new airport

by building on the strength the UK already has at Heathrow

Reduce aircraft noise and lessen noise impacts for people under flight paths

by encouraging the world’s quietest aircraft to use Heathrow, routing aircraft higher over London, delivering periods with no aircraft overhead and allocating £250m to provide noise insulation

Treat those most affected by a third runway fairly

by proposing compensation of 25% above market value, all legal fees, and stamp duty costs for a new home for anyone whose home needs to be purchased

Increase the proportion of passengers using public transport to access Heathrow to more than 50%

by supporting new rail, bus and coach schemes to improve public transport to Heathrow and considering the case for a congestion charge

Keep CO2 emissions within UK climate change targets and play our part in meeting local air quality limits

by incentivising cleaner aircraft, supporting global carbon trading, and increasing public transport use

Reduce delays and disruption

by eliminating the routine use of aircraft use of aircraft stacks and further improving Heathrow’s resilience to weather and unforeseen events

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