Connecting regions
Connecting regions

Connecting regions

With a third runway, new routes to regional UK airports and UK rail improvements we can connect more businesses to the places and people providing the opportunities for jobs and growth.

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The Airports Commission has released its own analysis that states expansion could create economic benefits outside of London – e.g. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England regions – of up to £114bn.

Road and rail

It’s not just connections by air that are set to improve with a third runway. Rail connections planned across the UK will dramatically improve journey times to Heathrow with 70% of the population set to be within 3 hours of the airport.

HS2 (via Old Oak Common), Crossrail, Western Rail Access, Southern Rail access and Piccadilly Line upgrades, including 24-hour services on weekends, will transform rail journey times across the UK by 2032.

Coinciding with this increase in rail public transport will be improvements and increases to Heathrow’s Central Bus Station – which is already the busiest in the UK.

Meanwhile, expansion will also act as a catalyst for improving the M25 into a more efficient and expanded motorway. Read more…

Domestic air connections

One of the effects of constrained capacity at Heathrow has been the squeezing out of domestic flights. Heathrow has routes to just seven UK airports while Amsterdam flies to 24 UK destinations.

With additional capacity, we can create more links between the regions and Heathrow – giving the whole of the UK greater access to long-haul leisure and business destinations.


The importance of these domestic routes was highlighted following British Airway’s recent reinstatement of the Heathrow to Inverness route in 2016.

At least 70,000 passenger per year were lost from Inverness Airport through the lack of a Heathrow service, The Scottish Council for Development and Industry stated.

With Heathrow expansion, EasyJet alone have already said they would be interested in operating 7 domestic routes.

We’ve also outlined a number of ways in which we’ll help boost this domestic connectivity including a £10 million Route Development Fund. Read more…

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