Red Bull stunt pilot recreates Terminal 2’s Slipstream


By Heathrow

Published 3rd April 2014

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Home > Must See > Red Bull stunt pilot recreates…

World champion stunt pilot Paul Bonhomme flew the UK’s only Zivko Edge 540 stunt plane on July 3, 2013, to recreate the flight path of Terminal 2’s Slipstream sculpture. Here at yourHeathrow we got front row seats for all the action at Audley End Airfield.

The awe-inspiring event celebrated the launch of Slipstream, the sculpture created by internationally renowned British artist Richard Wilson to be installed in the central courtyard of Terminal 2 over the coming months.

To be viewed by more than 20 million passengers passing through Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal each year, Slipstream will be one of the longest permanent sculptures in Europe at over 70 metres long.

The sculpture will be a striking focal point for the new building, suspended up to 20 meters above the ground, twisting amongst the atrium’s columns and between two passenger walkways.

Behind T2’s Slipstream as it comes to life….

Who is Richard Wilson?

Richard Wilson is one of Britain’s most renowned sculptors. He is internationally celebrated for his interventions in architectural space, which draw inspiration from the worlds of engineering and construction.

“Slipstream is rooted in its location. This work is a metaphor for travel, it is a time-based work. Art that moves in time and space coming from the past to the current; different experiences at either end. Sensations of velocity, acceleration and deceleration follow us at every undulation of the form.” – Richard Wilson, Slipstream artist

Richard has exhibited nationally and internationally for nearly 40 years and has made major museum exhibitions and public works across the globe.

yourHeathrow’s Paul Bonhomme interview…

Photos from the day


By Heathrow

Published 3rd April 2014