Managing impacts

Road and rail

One of the main issues raised by local residents is how Heathrow can increase the number of flights and passengers without increasing congestion on local roads – a commitment we have made as part of our submission to the Airports Commission.

Heathrow already has a strong track record of increasing passengers without increasing road traffic.

Over the last 20 years, Heathrow’s passenger numbers have risen by almost 80% while airport-related road traffic has remained broadly static. The number of passengers using public transport has nearly doubled from 10 million to 19 million and car use has fallen significantly amongst airport staff.

With expansion we can deliver an additional runway without increasing airport-related traffic on the road.

Improving public transport

New public transport infrastructure such as Crossrail, HS2, Western Rail Access, Southern Rail Access and upgrades to the Piccadilly Line will treble Heathrow’s rail capacity by 2040 and enable 30 million more passengers to use public transport.


Existing bus and coach routes will be improved and new connections developed, including an increase in bus routes and 24-hour buses, funded in part by Heathrow.

Encouraging the use of car sharing and public transport by employees – better rail and bus links will increase the number of employees travelling to Heathrow by public transport. With incentives, it is predicted that use of the car sharing scheme will increase significantly from 2,400 shared journeys per day in 2013 to 15,800 journeys in 2030.

Congestion charge: when public transport improvements are in place, there could be a case for introducing a congestion charge. The proposed charge, which would apply only to cars travelling to the airport, could improve air quality and raise funds for further public-transport developments.

Freight vehicles: to take more lorries off the roads near Heathrow, we plan to introduce a new cargo consolidation centre. We will also work with our suppliers to encourage the use of cleaner and more efficient vehicles.


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