What happens next?

Now that the Government has announced that Heathrow is their preferred option for expansion of airport capacity in the South East, our focus shifts to taking the project through the planning and consenting process.

The Planning Act 2008 sets out a number a steps we need to go through to obtain what is known as a Development Consent Order (DCO).

An indicative timeline of the next steps can be found here.

What is a Development Consent Order (DCO)?

The Planning Act 2008 requires Heathrow to submit our application for what is known as a Development Consent Order (DCO). More information about the DCO process can be found here.

What will you be consulting on?

We will consult on our expansion proposals in two stages, with the first consultation planned for later this year and lasting for 3 months. We will seek views on our emerging proposals in terms of what the expanded airport could look like, how it might operate, and how we might best mitigate against the potential impacts, including proposals for compensation and noise insulation.  We will have regard to all feedback received as we continue to develop our proposals.

Our second consultation is planned for summer 2018. At this consultation we will consult on our proposed application, including providing Preliminary Environmental Information on the proposed application.

When will construction begin?

Construction on the main works (including the runway) will begin shortly after the DCO has been granted. It is possible that some early works will take place before then. Such early works, which may be done (for example) to save time, to minimise disruption caused by construction or prepare mitigation early (for example the creation of replacement habitat) will be subject to consultation and environmental assessment as required.

Is Heathrow really committing itself to no 4th runway?

A decision on a fourth runway is a matter for Government policy to decide in the future, and we will support a commitment from Government preventing a fourth runway at Heathrow. What is clear is that a third runway is urgently needed now.

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