Communications and Consultations

Previous consultations

Following the submission of Heathrow’s runway options in July 2013 we undertook two major public consultations designed to shape our runway plans and compensation proposals.

After the north-west runway proposal was shortlisted in December 2013 we ran a public consultation between 3 February and 16 March 2014 designed to establish:

  • which factors were seen as the most important when planning a new runway;
  • attitudes to noise relief and community impacts; and
  • suggested improvements to the new runway proposal.

The responses to this consultation highlighted the issues that were identified as the most important for local residents, which included aircraft noise, safety, air quality and jobs (a full report on this consultation is contained with Shaping Heathrow’s north-west runway proposal, report on public consultation’, Appendix 4, Volume 2 (Technical Submission), Taking Britain Further, Heathrow Airport Limited, 2014).

Responses expressed a clear preference for a runway scheme that would continue to provide periods of relief from noise over a scheme that would not expose new people to noise (but would end periods of relief from noise). As a result of this consultation, we made changes to our original plans and pushed the runway further south, a proposal which reduces the noise impacts and protects more homes and important heritage sites.

Another consultation was held between July and September 2014 to provide property owners, tenants and small business owners with the opportunity to engage in and influence the development of property and noise compensation proposals to be offered in the event of a new runway at Heathrow.

The responses to this consultation were used to develop our proposed noise insulation scheme as well as our property compensation schemes.

A full report on this consultation can be found here.

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