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By Heathrow

Published 4th December 2018

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This week’s #lifeatheathrow featured photo is courtesy of Steph Constantinides, a Passenger Experience Manager who was also the face of Heathrow’s Proud Network during the month of Pride.

We’ve caught up with Steph to find out more about her career at Heathrow and passion for snowboarding.

How long have you worked at Heathrow?

7 and a half years

 If you had to describe Heathrow in 3 words, what would they be?

Non-stop – Diverse – Limitless

What’s a day in the life of your job really like?

No two days are the same. As a Care PEM the team and I work together to make a difference to our passengers. Stakeholder engagement is crucial and daily communication with our colleagues is pivotal to a successful day.

 What do you enjoy most about Life at Heathrow?

I love that gaining knowledge is endless. Whether it’s learning how other departments work and what their priorities are within our organisation or being able to attend an abundance of courses to assist with personal development – it’s endless.

What’s your advice to someone who is thinking about a career at Heathrow?

There is a role here for everyone. Set your scope as wide as you can, get involved and just enjoy the journey because it goes pretty fast once you put that ID on.

Favourite spot to take photos at Heathrow?

T5C or T2B gate seating level, I am a sucker for a sunrise and sunset.

Favourite moment while working at Heathrow?

Being part of the proud campaign, hands down. I completely underestimated the possibility of what would happen if I won the competition to be a face of Heathrow during the month of Pride – I wouldn’t change a thing.

Hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

My absolute favourite hobby is snowboarding, I would be on the slopes everyday after work if I could. Something a bit more accessible is reading. I take my kindle everywhere and love a good romance novel.

Any hidden talents?

My hidden talents wouldn’t be hidden if I disclosed that information! 

More about the #lifeatheathrow series… 

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By Heathrow

Published 4th December 2018