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By Heathrow

Published 14th December 2018

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This week’s #lifeatheathrow featured photo is courtesy of Innovation Technologist Robin Gissing. Robin’s image captures new autonomous robots from Heathrow’s Innovation & Automation Robotics Showcase with Consequential Robots.

We’ve caught up with Robin to find out more about his experience at Heathrow.

How long have you worked at Heathrow?

Just under 4 and a half years – I’ve been in the same amazing team since I joined.

If you had to describe Heathrow in 3 words, what would they be? 

Gigantic  – Huge – Massive 

What’s a day in the life of your job really like? 

Every day is different! One day I might be running a workshop, another day I could project managing an innovation trial being installed in the airport. Sometimes I could be delivering a guest lecture at the other side of the country! 

What do you enjoy most about Life at Heathrow? 

Talking to colleagues who work ‘on stage’ with our passengers in the operation. I’m always interested in hearing about other colleague experiences and how I may be able to help make their job that little bit better. It’s something I’m personally quite passionate about.

What’s your advice to someone who is thinking about a career at Heathrow?  

Develop an interest in the airport operation, literally no matter what function you work in it’ll always give you a different (and better) perspective on your job. 

Favourite spot to take photos at Heathrow? 

Some of the taxiway crossing points airside are my favourite places to take photos. If you’re at the front of the queue you can get some incredible pictures from the passenger seat of a car, especially during a switchover.

Favourite moment while working at Heathrow? 

Too hard to say! A cab ride on the HEX from Paddington to T5 was pretty special, though control tower visits are always amazing. Oh and I can’t forget being driven in a tractor down bravo taxiway as part of some Winter Resilience work. 

Hobbies? What do you do in your spare time? 

I love going to theme parks, I’ve travelled all around the world to see the tallest, fastest and most intense rides. And when I’m not doing that, I enjoy building the latest challenging LEGO sets – next to build is the LEGO Disney Castle (which is over a meter high!) and I’ve recently purchased the similarly tall Vestas Wind Turbine made from sustainable plastics! 

Any hidden talents?

Photography mostly, I’m also known as a bit of a walking Wikipedia too. My favourite airport fact in that vein is you could thread Concorde (114 inch diameter) through the Trent XWB engines of an A350 (118 inch diameter). 

More about the #lifeatheathrow series… 

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By Heathrow

Published 14th December 2018