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By Heathrow

Published 8th November 2019

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We’ve caught up with Engineering Graduate, Asad Parkar who talks about his career at Heathrow and what inspired him to join the Heathrow Future Leader programme.

 What did you study to become an engineer?

I did a Masters in Engineering (MEng) in Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics and Professional Development

What inspired you to seek a career in engineering?

I’ve always had a passion for how things work and natural inquisitiveness which is what drove me to have a career at Heathrow in Engineering. I’ve also been taking things apart as a young child to understand how they work, how they’re made etc.

This sort of “hands on” experience has always driven me towards Engineering as it enables me to discover how things work and use my knowledge and understanding to make things better for others!

What would you say is different about engineering at Heathrow?

Everything is at a massive scale and everything we do directly affects our passengers. We have to remember that at the end of the day, our aim is to make every journey better.

What one piece of advice would you give to a person considering a career in engineering?

Just be inquisitive, curious and ask the right questions! Showing a genuine passion and curiosity can really help in understanding principles or an area of engineering. It really will take you a long way!

What do you think are the biggest myths in regards to engineering?

That it all involves sitting at a computer the whole day! Trust me, that is not the case – it also involves getting down and dirty with different equipment and assets!

How would you explain your job to someone new?

Not everything is at it seems and each day is completely different and unique!

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By Heathrow

Published 8th November 2019