Heathrow’s #AvGeek of the Month – Sean Henderson


By Heathrow

Published 13th June 2019

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The winner of Heathrow Airport’s June #AvGeek of the Month is Sean Henderson.

We caught up with Sean to find out more about his passion for aviation and top tips as a spotter. There’s also a great selection of his photos for you to enjoy as well!

Name: Sean Henderson

Age: 17 years old

Where are you from? I’m from Cork, in Ireland. I plane spot at Heathrow quite often as it’s one of the best places in Europe for plane spotters like me.

Aviation enthusiast, spotter or photographer? Or all 3?

All 3! I enjoy everything and anything that involves aviation. I love to fly as I enjoy experiencing different airports. I love to spot all the different types of aircraft and liveries, and I take photos of the best ones.

What do you love most about coming to Heathrow?

Heathrow is a spotters paradise. There are so many spots that you can go to, like Myrtle Avenue and the planes fly right above you! It is an absolutely amazing experience, even if you’re not particularly into aviation. Not only that, but I love the variety of different aircraft and airlines that visit Heathrow, as this means spotters like myself can see a large variety of aircraft in just one single visit.

Check out a selection of Sean’s best shots!  

Favourite aircraft livery at Heathrow?

My favourite livery at Heathrow has to be a China Southern’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Social media accounts?

Instagram – irish_spotter 

Twitter – irish_spotter 

Any tips for other #AvGeeks?

  • Make sure to check the weather before you go out spotting! There is nothing worse then getting to the airport and for it to start raining… So always be prepared for the weather.
  • Use apps such as Flightradar24 or PlaneFinder to find out what arrivals and departures are due at the airport, and you can also use these apps to find out exactly where civil planes are in the sky.
  • Try find and join spotting communities. There are Facebook groups filled with plane spotters and photographers for almost every airport. Try to get to know the other spotters, I have made some great friends through the various communities on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Last of all, keep doing what you love, no matter what everyone else thinks.

By Heathrow

Published 13th June 2019