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By Heathrow

Published 14th October 2019

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The winner of Heathrow Airport’s October #AvGeek of the Month is Kingsley Lee.

We caught up with Kingsley to find out more about his passion for aviation. There’s also a great selection of his photos for you to enjoy as well!

Name: Kingsley Lee

Age: 25

Location: Born and raised in Malaysia but came to the United Kingdom for my undergraduate studies and subsequently stayed on for work.

Aviation enthusiast, spotter or photographer? Or all 3? Definitely all 3!

What first interested you in aviation?/Why are you an #AvGeek?

I was fortunate to be able to experience my first flight when I was rather young and did quite a bit of travelling growing up, which fuelled my passion towards aviation.

Since my first flight and subsequent encounters with different types of aircrafts, my interest towards airplanes and aviation grew and it just excites me whenever I spot an airplane whether it’s on the ground or in the air.

I reckon some #avgeeks can relate but I get goosebumps most of the time when I see an airplane take off or land.

Nowadays, I live by my avgeekness by plane spotting at various airports whenever I get the chance besides writing trip reports on my website where I review flights that I have flown on and share my experiences with everyone else.

What do you love most about coming to Heathrow?

Before coming over to the UK for university, my frequent plane spotting destination is my home airport in Kuala Lumpur and London Heathrow has always been my bucket list airport ever since I became an #Avgeek, with its popularity as one of the world’s busiest boasting a huge variety of exciting liveries and some exotic ones that I will not get the chance to spot from where I am originally from.

Personally, I enjoy the element of surprise and I always travel to Heathrow on my plane spotting trips without detailed planning as I like to be surprised by the different aircraft types or liveries that I might stumble upon, and Heathrow has never let me down with a surprise on every visit (whether it be livery, aircraft type or airline).

In addition, every visit to Myrtle Avenue (a popular spot for plane spotting at Heathrow) excites me as I am accompanied by many like minded peers that share the same passion as myself.

Check out a selection of Kingsley’s spectacular shots! 

Favourite fact about a particular aircraft? (or aviation?)

The window dimming function on the Boeing 787 – Dreamliner! I like how it allows me to catch the scenery outside whilst not having to shut my window shade because of a glaring sun.

Favourite aircraft livery at Heathrow?

This is a tough choice indeed but I have to go with THAI Airways, simply elegant and classy.

Social media accounts?

Instagram – @flykingsley @kingsleylsj

Twitter – @Kingsleylee

Facebook – facebook.com/flykingsley

Website – flykingsley.com

Any tips for other #AvGeeks?

  • Although I do not plan for a particular aircraft’s arrival or departure on my plane spotting trips, it is advised that you check the runway usage on the day of your visit before heading to your intended spot, and at Heathrow this information can be easily found via the airport’s website.
  • Do not be discouraged to share your photos taken via social media even though you have a small follower base, it is about the quality and not quantity.
  • Follow your passion and chase your dreams, stay positive and it will come true one day.

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By Heathrow

Published 14th October 2019