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By Heathrow

Published 21st July 2019

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The winner of Heathrow Airport’s July #AvGeek of the Month is Harry Witterick.

Harry is an aviation enthusiast and an incredible plane spotter who loves taking photographs at Heathrow Airport.

We’ve caught up with the #avgeek to find out more about his aviation experience and shared a great selection of his photographs for you to enjoy!

Name: Harry Witterick

Age: 16 years old

Location: I am from a city called Preston which is an hour away from Manchester.

An aviation enthusiast, spotter or photographer? Or all 3? Definitely all 3! I tend to travel a lot and visit many airports in the UK and across Europe, so I always have my camera with me!

What first interested you in aviation?/ Why are you an #AvGeek?

From a very young age, I fell in love with aviation and my interest sparked from there. My family and I would go on holiday once a year but when I got a bit older I started to jet off by myself and with friends. Since then, it has just been an incredible hobby to be involved in! I have never flown as much as I have done this year and I must say it has been an amazing experience.

I first started off taking pictures on my phone/iPad at the local Viewing Area at Manchester and then when I turned 13 I received my first DSLR for my birthday and loved it! I taught myself how to use it and how to operate all the features… it took a while but eventually I got there in the end!

In 2015, I started to upload all my photos on Facebook to share with my friends and family. Then, in 2016 I decided to start an Instagram page to display my photos and all my trips, which has enabled me to meet a wide range of people and make a lot of new friends. I’ve even been on a few trips with some new friend and I must say it has changed my whole perspective of things, and I can’t thank everyone enough!

What do you love most about coming to Heathrow?

I love the wide variety of aircraft and airlines that operate in and out of Heathrow every day, it makes spotting a real joy and it’s a lot different from things back up north, so that’s why I enjoy coming down to Heathrow!

Heathrow has also some amazing spots for us #avgeeks and when the airport is using runways 27L/R you can get some amazing views from the iconic Myrtle Avenue spotting location and also from the local football club on Hatton road.

Check out a selection of Harry’s incredible shots! 

Favourite aircraft livery at Heathrow?

I have a real spot for the China Southern 787 livery! I think it really stands out from the rest of the aircraft and looks great! I also think that the British Airways livery is also one of the most iconic tails going, I do have a real soft spot for BA and I love flying with them!

Social media accounts? 

Instagram – witto_aviation

Twitter – HarryWitterick

Facebook – Harry Witterick

Any tips for other #AvGeeks?

Yes of course! Here are a few Apps and websites that have helped me over the years:

  • Flightradar24 – Really helps when you’re planning ahead and spotting as you can see live updates of aircraft that are coming into land and departing! This really helps at such a busy airport like Heathrow!
  • Skyscanner –  If you’re like me and you’re an #avgeek that loves to travel then this is the app for you! This is app will help you find the cheapest flights and train tickets anywhere on the internet, beating any competitive prices. I use this to plan all my #avgeek trips!
  • Facebook Groups – Facebook groups have really helped me to learn more and increase my knowledge on my camera work and my spotter knowledge… there are thousands of people in these groups and they all want to help! Some examples are:
    • London Aviation Photographers
    • Manchester Airport Spotter’s Page
    • London Area Aviation Spotting & News
    • Aviation From Around The Globe

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By Heathrow

Published 21st July 2019