Heathrow uses local community views to revise expansion plan


By Heathrow

Published 29th October 2014

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Heathrow Airport has today released a revised expansion plan after listening to the views of locals during recent consultations.

The changes include introducing improvements to local traffic flows, creating more flood protection, enhancing local landscaping to provide better areas for recreation, and investigating a new site for an-energy-from-waste plant away from the edge of Stanwell, to a location further away from residential buildings.

Key points from the revised plan are:

  • New site for energy from waste plant identified further away from communities;

  • Colnbrook and Poyle to get a new bypass;

  • Enhancements made to green spaces and local landscape;

  • Better flood protection for previously affected communities;

  • Taken together the plans would result in new or enhanced parkland that is approximately four times the size of London’s Hyde Park.

How the revisions were made

The revisions were made after listening to feedback from meetings held with local residents groups since our original plans were submitted to the Airports Commission. Many of the latest improvements were influenced by specific comments from Spelthorne Council, residents living in Stanwell and Stanwell Moor, and their elected representatives.

John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive of Heathrow said the plan provides a great opportunity to improve the surrounding areas.

“We are keen that the expansion of Heathrow includes our neighbours’ views. We are listening and I urge all local residents and local authorities to pass on their invaluable knowledge of the area to help us make our plan as good as it can be,” John Holland-Kaye said.

“Our plan provides a great opportunity to improve the environmental landscape around the airport and to mitigate some of today’s problems including local road congestion and the impacts of flooding.”

Roberto Tambini, CEO of Spelthorne Council, said, “We are delighted that Heathrow has listened to and acted upon our feedback in creating its updated expansion plans and that the residents of Spelthorne have been offered an improved deal as a result.”

“I am sure that we can work together and that Heathrow will continue to listen to Spelthorne residents and demonstrate a flexible approach to future proposals.”

Existing plans include provision to surround the airport with a ‘green ring’ of landscaped recreational parkland, which many residents welcomed. The updated plans will see this extended to the south of the airport, providing a continuous 15 mile corridor of publicly accessible green space for local residents.

As part of the ‘green ring’ Stanwell Park would be enhanced, providing better designed landscaping and increasing the amount of recreational land between Stanwell and the proposed car park to the south of the airport, which has been made smaller.

A once-in-a-generation opportunity

The investment of £16 billion of private money would provide a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address issues such as flooding that are of concern to neighbouring communities, after the rivers Colne and Wraysbury broke their banks earlier this year. We will support Environment Agency in developing better flood alleviation schemes to protect homes and property, for example by providing investment for local flood defences and other sustainable methods of flood prevention.

The technical drawing of Heathrow’s additional runway proposal prior to the latest revisions.

We will also make existing sports facilities for Stanwell Moor even better with the provision of a new all-weather sports pitch, should balancing ponds that would be built to the south or west of the airport in the event of expansion need to be located near the village.

We would aim for the ponds to become a community asset through appropriate landscaping, design and usage, and would also create a brand new park for local people, replacing the fields taken to accommodate them.

Colnbrook and Poyle would benefit from the creation of a new bypass to replace the existing A3044, routing traffic around the villages and easing the congestion they currently experience. Congestion would further be alleviated for local communities and emissions reduced through widening parts of the airport’s Southern Perimeter Road and a series of grade separated junctions introduced at certain roundabouts.

Furthermore, we have committed to creating designated “HGV routes” from the M25, M3 and M4, to ensure that plans to create world-class consolidated cargo handling facilities which would enhance Heathrow’s role as the UK’s most important port for high value goods, do not result in additional goods vehicles on unsuitable local roads.

Find out more about Heathrow’s vision and what it will look like with expansion here.


By Heathrow

Published 29th October 2014