TIMELAPSE: Heathrow unveils map of the world, made from fresh flowers


By Heathrow

Published 19th September 2016

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Passengers travelling through Heathrow, the UK’s hub airport, this week will be treated to a scent-sational new installation as the airport today unveils a giant floral map of the world. Created by florist Larry Walshe using around 2,000 fresh flower stems and studded with a textural tapestry of other curiosities, including raw amber stones and sandalwood, the impressive 11ft by 18ft living artwork will be housed in Terminal 5 to celebrate the new season of fragrance until the 24th September.

The map includes roses, which hit the right note for floral-loving Brits and lavender and orange blossom, which tantalize the senses in the US and Mexico. Fresh scents including mint and mandarin feature as favourites in India, whilst spicier, oriental scents such as cinnamon and ginger are preferred by those in the UAE.

Whilst each nation has a specific note it feels most scent-imental about, the most popular scents across the globe were revealed to be jasmine (28 per cent), lavender (27 per cent) rose (24 per cent), vanilla (20 per cent) and sandalwood (19 per cent).

Germans noses lead the way in picking a fragrance scent

Heathrow’s new fragrance report also reveals as a nation, Germany are most likely to follow their nose when choosing a new fragrance, with two in five people (40 per cent) attracted to specific notes in a scent. India, on the other hand, is all about the brand name, with nearly a quarter (22 per cent) admitting that they would choose a fragrance based on the designer.

Celebrity florist Larry Walshe is the artist behind the floral masterpiece in Terminal 5.

China are the most led by iconic scents, with one in four (26 per cent) saying that they’re attracted to iconic fragrances because of their popularity. Globally, it seems that Brits are the least likely to be influenced by celebrities, with only two per cent choosing a fragrance based on a celebrity endorsement.

With fragrance long-renowned for its powerful ability to evoke strong memories and emotions, the report also revealed that nearly a quarter of Brits (22 per cent) admitted that certain fragrances evoke memories of a past lover. Making the most of the power of scent, one in five British men (22 per cent) stated they wear fragrance to feel more desirable, while 34% of women say they wear fragrance because it makes them feel happy and boosts their confidence.

Nearly one in five (16 per cent) Brits feel they are stuck in a fragrance rut, sticking to a ‘go to’ fragrance for their whole lives; on average Brits will dabble with just 10 different fragrances over their lifetime. Despite these flirtations with different scents, the majority of Brits (43 per cent) state they have two to three ‘go-to’ fragrances at any one time and on average will have settled on their number one ‘go-to’ fragrance by the time they reach their mid-30s.

TIMELAPSE VIDEO: How the flower wall was put together…

Life changing moments, followed by a need to change scents…

Whilst getting inspiration from a scent worn by a family member or friend is likely to make Brits try a new fragrance (25 per cent), a staggering 20 per cent also admitted they have purchased a new perfume or aftershave based on something they’ve smelt on a stranger.

The study also revealed that life milestones have an impact on tempting Brits to try something new, with seven per cent opting for a fresh fragrance when they start a new relationship, five per cent doing so when they hit a birthday milestone and four per cent opting for a change before starting a new job. With five bottles of fragrance sold every minute at Heathrow, the data also revealed that travelling somewhere inspires a scents of adventure, with nearly one in ten (seven per cent) of Brits picking up a new fragrance before heading off to new shores.

The trend for androgynous scents continues to rise, with over one in ten Brits (12 per cent) saying they are interested in gender neutral fragrances, inspired by premium brands releasing unisex fragrances such as Bvlgari Le Gemme, while nearly one in ten (eight per cent) have admitted to preferring fragrances that are meant for the opposite sex.

Chris Annetts, Heathrow’s Retail and Service Proposition Director, said, ‘September is a really exciting month for us when it comes to fragrance. Heathrow is home to around 3,405 fragrances across 104 brands. Heathrow is home to around 3,405 fragrances across 104 brands.

“We have both exclusives and new season fragrances including a new floral exclusive Tom Ford Vert Boheme, as well as a new season fresh CK One Gold. We wanted to celebrate our amazing collection by bringing the scents to life and help our passengers better understand the fragrance notes they enjoy the most.” – Chris Annets, Heathrow Retail and Service Proposition Director

To commemorate Larry’s exhibition at Heathrow, World Duty Free has created a limited edition gift wrap inspired by the installation for passengers who purchase any fragrance during the month of September.

Fred Creighton, Managing Director at World Duty Free, said, ‘Our exclusive gift wrap by celebrated British artist Larry Walshe is the perfect way to present a fragrance to someone special. Our dedicated fragrance team as always will be on hand to help customers navigate our carefully curated selection of scents to ensure customers find the perfect match for themselves or a loved one.’


By Heathrow

Published 19th September 2016