Welcome. Heathrow 2.0 is our plan for sustainable growth. It sets out how we will improve life for colleagues and communities, contribute to a thriving economy, and help to tackle global challenges such as climate change.

Our plan has four pillars, underpinned by 12 objectives and a range of goals and indicators. It covers our own business as well as the role we will play in driving change across the wider industry to deliver positive impacts enabling us and those around us to thrive.


Heathrow is a catalyst for economic growth, making a huge contribution to the national economy. We're aware of the adverse effects our operations can have on some neighbours and are doing our utmost to mitigate these.

A great place to work

As we grow and are able to provide thousands of new opportunities, we will focus on helping people find the right work at Heathrow and nurturing them to fulfill their potential.

A great place to live

We want the area around Heathrow to be a great place to live. By building relationships with local people and groups, we will better understand and meet their needs.

A thriving sustainable economy

As the UK’s hub airport, Heathrow has an important role to play in helping the country’s economy to thrive.

A world worth travelling

Our world is a joy to travel. But we must do more to protect it if we want to keep enjoying all it has to offer.

A centre of excellence

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Further reading

Find out where you can get more information on our progress, research and sustainability work.

Sustainability achievements

We recently released our 2018 Sustainabilty Progress Report which provides an update on how we are delivering against Heathrow 2.0.