Heathrow expansion support grows across the whole UK


By Heathrow

Published 20th February 2015

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Businesses, industry groups, politicans and individuals from across the UK have showed their support for Heathrow expansion in the Airports Commission National Consultation that closed on February 3.

Heathrow Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye spoke of this support at the recent BCC conference stating that, “Heathrow is best for Britain and backed by Britain”.

“Only Heathrow will deliver up to £211bn in economic benefits and over 180,000 jobs, connect the whole of the UK to long-haul global growth markets, and deliver the freight capacity exporters need. That’s why people in every part of Britain are supporting Heathrow as the right option for expansion,”

“We can expand whilst reducing noise for local residents and meeting carbon and air quality targets. We have improved our plans by listening to the communities around Heathrow. Now there are increasing calls from local residents to expand the airport.” – Heathrow CEO, John Holland-Kaye

Who the supporters are

Backed by Britain. Heathrow expansion is supported by:

  • Local people. Over 50% of people in constituencies surrounding Heathrow support expansion and 17% are undecided[i]. The ‘Back Heathrow’ campaign is supported by 80,000 people, and growing.

  • UK business and employees. Trade associations such as the manufacturers’ organisation EEF, Freight Transport Association (FTA) and British American Business (BAB) back Heathrow. Trade unions such as Unite and GMB are backing Heathrow.

  • UK nations and regions. 32 Chambers of Commerce from Kent to South Wales to Inverness support Heathrow, as do regional airports such as Newcastle, Aberdeen, Leeds-Bradford, Liverpool and Glasgow.

  • Airlines. Top network airlines from around the globe have confirmed Heathrow as the right option, as have the major airline alliances, major low cost carriers like easyJet and emerging airlines like Vietnam Airlines.

  • Elected representatives. 58% of MPs back expansion at Heathrow compared to 13% who support Gatwick to solve the issues of hub airport capacity. [ii]

  • In addition, over 5,400 people submitted their individual support for the benefits of Heathrow expansion to the Airports Commission via our online form on this website.


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By Heathrow

Published 20th February 2015