The A380s of Heathrow! Korean Air makes 9 carriers at UK’s hub airport


By Heathrow

Published 7th April 2016

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Korean Air has become the 9th airline to use an A380 at Heathrow and to celebrate we’re taking a closer look at the facts and figures behind the “big bird”!

Few aircraft are as recognisable as the A380 due to its sheer size thanks largely to it being the biggest commercial passenger aircraft in operation in the world by some way.

There are over 250 commercial A380 flights per day around the world amounting to 3 million passengers each month on the aircraft type!

Which carriers are using the A380 at Heathrow?

Due to the high level of passenger demand both to and from Heathrow, the airport is one of the most popular in the world for airlines’ using A380s. As the UK’s hub airport (What is a hub airport? Find out, here.), Heathrow is able to pool local, regional and international passenger demand with cargo to make more flights and routes viable for all – and help fill more seats on more A380s!

In total 9 airlines use A380s at Heathrow. Check out our gallery below to find out which ones![

Etihad is the remaining airline using A380s at Heathrow, though not pictured in the gallery above.

For more pictures, including business and first class suites, check out our Facebook album!

Fun facts:

Here are some of the fun, and surprising, facts about the A380 that you might not know:

  • The A380 features a Tail Cam video, allowing you to watch everything from taxiing, sunsets, sunrises, and landing.

  • Inside the A380, its cabin is one of the quietest in the sky with on average half the sound energy of other aircraft.

  • If all the wiring in an A380 was laid out flat, it will stretch from Edinburgh to London – 320 miles!

  • The A380 is a low-noise aircraft and uses light-weight and environment-friendly components. In fact, this aircraft’s fuel efficiency is better than most modern small passenger cars in terms of fuel economy per passenger kilometre.

  • During take-off the wing will flex upwards by over 4m.

  • The four massive Rolls-Royce engines of the A380 are the length of a Mercedes C-series and four times as heavy. The internal temperature of the engine in operation is 3100 degrees.

  • The engine’s 116 inch (2,95 m) diameter fan blades suck in over one and a quarter tons of air every second.

A380 technical profile:

  • Length: 72m
  • Wingspan: 80m
  • Engines: 4
  • Passengers: 544 (standard configuration)
  • Max operating speed: 945 km/h or 587mph (at cruise altitude)
  • Max range: 15,200km/9400mi
  • Manufacturer: Airbus

More about Korean Air

Korean Air was founded in 1969 when the state owned airline was privatised by the Hanjin group.

It has has since grown to operate scheduled flights to 129 cities in 46 countries worldwide. Find out more about Korean Air and book flights via their website: .

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By Heathrow

Published 7th April 2016