7.5 million passengers travel through Heathrow in record August, including 139,000 tonnes of cargo


By Heathrow

Published 11th September 2017

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Heathrow recorded the second busiest month in its history in August with 7.5 million passengers travelling through the UK’s hub airport – a 2% increase on 2016. It was also a record month for cargo and the number of new aircraft being used.

Significantly, the recent trend of passenger growth to UK destinations continued with domestic passenger numbers up 6% on the back of recently launched Flybe flights to Scotland. Middle Eastern destinations were also popular with travellers with fuller aircraft leading to a 7% increase in passengers to the region

139,000 tonnes of cargo

Cargo flowing through the UK’s largest port climbed 13% to 139,000 tonnes making August the 13th consecutive record month for cargo volumes at Heathrow – building on Heathrow’s status as the UK’s busiest port by value.

Latin America was the fastest growing trading market with cargo volumes increasing 30% in August. North America also performed well with volumes up 13% to nearly 50,000 tonnes as American Airlines, United and Air Canada increased cargo.

Strong growth to China, Hong Kong and Singapore also helped East Asia record a 12% cargo uplift.

Other highlights: More 787s than ever before and 121 applications to help build expansion project

Next-generation aircraft are making Heathrow cleaner and quieter with more than 700 additional flights on Boeing 787s this August versus last year – 787s are the fastest growing aircraft type at the UK’s hub.

Heathrow Airport, China Southern aircraft coming in to land, February 2014.

Since taking its first flight back in 2008, the Boeing 787 has fast became a game-changer in the aviation world.

What sets the Dreamliner series apart is the pioneering use of mainly composite materials which make the aircraft significantly lighter and up to 20% more fuel efficient then the aircraft it was designed to replace. They’re also 20-25% quieter than aircraft they’re replacing.

In other Heathrow news, 121 sites have applied to help build an expanded Heathrow by hosting one of four offsite logistics hubs planned. The airport is looking to build as much of the project offsite as possible to boost jobs across the country and make the project more affordable and sustainable.

“Demand to travel from Heathrow has never been stronger – every day we’re welcoming record numbers of passengers to Heathrow with modern British hospitality and our trade with the rest of the world is growing in the double-digits. Heathrow is firing on all cylinders and showing the world our country is open for business.”

– Heathrow CEO, John Holland-Kaye

Lord Blunket launches online survey to help shape the skills of the next generation

Lord Blunkett and the Heathrow Skills Taskforce today opened a six-week online forum to gather feedback from across the UK to shape Heathrow’s once-in-a-generation careers and skills strategy. With expansion, up to 180,000 jobs and 10,000 apprenticeships will be created. Find out more, here.


By Heathrow

Published 11th September 2017