2016 Heathrow Vote Me Airside competition winners announced


By Heathrow

Published 1st August 2016

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After almost 300 entries and 7,000 votes, we’re pleased to today announce the five winners of the 2016 Heathrow Vote Me Airside competition! The winners, their photos, and what the judges had to say, below.

In a close competition, our four judges have selected the following people as winners* of this year’s competition:

  • Akbarali Mastan

  • Guss A

  • Tariq Mayet

  • Imran Aslam

  • Wael Al-Qutub

The winners were selected from a shortlist which contained the 10 entries which received the highest votes during the competition.

“Emirates Airbus A380 Night Landing at London Heathrow” – Akbarali Mastan

This spectacular nighttime photo scored the highest with out judges. The judges said of this photo:

  • “Fantastic effort, very difficult to get night shots, perfect use of surrounding light, the image could with some noise reduction.”
  • “This is my favourite shot. Night-time images are notoriously hard to get right, but this one is perfect. It captures the port and starboard navigation lights illuminated and the incredibly bright landing lights. The special livery is an added bonus and the Emirates logo on the belly leaves those underneath as to no doubt who the aircraft belongs to. After Dubai, Heathrow sees more A380s than any other airport in the world.”

“Overall – wow! This is perhaps my favourite image from the shortlist due to the great contrast of the aircraft, lights and night time sky. A very well taken photo.”

“Etihad A380 departing Heathrow” – Guss A

The Etihad A380 livery is a big favourite among aviation fans – including our office! Judges said of this photo:

  • “Perfect side on and light, image needs some CCW rotation. There is a lot of ‘dead space’ top and bottom and would benefit from a 3×2 crop.”
  • “A striking image of one of my favourite liveries.”
  • “The Etihad A380 is one of the prettiest aircraft operating out of Heathrow and radiates style and prestige when the sun shines on its impressive livery. The shot is taken from a good vantage point, but the lack of symmetry and makes the buildings at the bottom appear as clutter, making for a rather untidy shot. However, good vantage points are scarce and the aircraft itself is well centred so good effort!”
  • “Really nice nice lighting in this shot though I would have loved to have seen this as a wider crop.”

“British Airways Boeing 747-400 The Queen of the Skies” – Wael Al-Qutub

There are few more iconic aircraft in the world than the Boeing 747 series! Judges said of this spectacular image:

  • “Beautifully taken image and nicely cropped. The lighting and colours make for a dramatic photo of the one of the more iconic aircraft in aviation history – the jumbo jet!”
  • “This shot of the classic queen of the skies is well focused and nicely captures the winter sunlight on the fuselage. The action shot of the nose-wheel landing gear bay closing and the extension of the leading edge slats and take off flaps add to the image.”
  • “The setting sun really helps with the lighting in this shot. I’d like to have seen a little more creatively and the landing gear all the way up, or all the way down – but that’s my preference. The image is well centred but a little dark in places.”
  • “Good crop by the photographer, and a really nice winter colour captured.”

“Vapour trails” – Tariq Mayet

As the heat and moisture of the aircraft engines’ exhaust hits the cool air it creates what’s known as “vapour trails”. Judges said of this image:

  • “A very cleverly taken image that involves a high skill level of photography. The angle of the aircraft and its proximity to touch down make this a wonderfully captured moment.”

“Well timed shot with the aircraft pulling lots of vapour from the wet conditions. The image is a great effort considering the challenging conditions.”

  • “Sometimes the wettest and most miserable weather conditions generate the best aircraft photos, with the spray, condensation and contrast between dark skies and brilliant white fuselages. This photo is a good example of this. The photo also has an interesting backdrop, with the snow fleet parked up at the Airside Operations Facility and the tail of a B747 at the No.1 Maintenance Base. The windsock shows a light southerly breeze, often associated with a warm front causing these weather conditions.”
  • “A rare event and a really nice capture. Perhaps could have cropped the aircraft a little higher in the frame.”

“Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 (B-KPH)” – Imran Aslam

The final winning shot was this

  • “Nice image and captured with a great clarity given the location of touch down.”
  • “A great back drop and early morning light works well on this subject. A 3×2 crop would work better, but the subject is fairly central in the frame.”
  • “Cathay’s B777s are a very regular site at Heathrow with 3 per day, replacing the B747 and A340 flights in the last 18 months. The huge engines seem to appear even larger with the autumn sunlight shining on them. “
  • “A really decent photo that would have benefited from better weather conditions on the day – e.g. blue skies.”

From all of us at Heathrow – thank you to all of the entrants in the competition this year! Stay tuned to our social media channels for future competitions and opportunities!


By Heathrow

Published 1st August 2016