Day 11 – #12daysofexports 2018 – Gnaw Chocolate

By Chris Loy

Published 15th December 2018

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On Day 11 of our Christmas #12daysofexports 2018 we’re celebrating the cocoa creations from Norfolk-based Gnaw Chocolate!

Teri and Matt Legon founded Gnaw in 2011 with an ambition “to bring the fun back into high quality chocolate”.

Fast forward 7 years and their chocolates are available across the UK and in 23 countries across the world.

In 2018, Gnaw has seen their exports via Heathrow increase by a staggering 80% – helping more of their chocolate to get to the world.

IMAGE: Gnaw chocolate has seen exports through Heathrow increase by 80% in 2018.

Gnaw are one of many British brands making their way to the world via Heathrow! Some of those businesses have been profiled already in our series including whiskey barrel craftsmen Reza Wood, women’s fashion innovator L. F. Markey, and popcorn producers Joe & Seph’s.

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By Chris Loy

Published 15th December 2018