UK Airports show their support for Heathrow expansion


By Heathrow

Published 19th February 2015

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Five airports from across the UK have shown their support for Heathrow expansion in the recent Airports Commission National Consultation. Each of the airports cited the benefits and expanded Heathrow could provide to their passengers due to Heathrow’s hub position.

The airports that have shown their support are:

  • Aberdeen International Airport

  • Glasgow Airport

  • Leeds Bradford International Airport

  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport

  • Newcastle International Airport

  • Inverness Airport

In the letter, the airport leaders cite the 960,000 people employed by the aviation industry and the £52bn it contributes to the UK economy as key reasons for their support. In their words “Airports are an integral part of local economies; our growth generates growth in our regions.”

The Airports Commission has since given a clear and unambiguous recommendation for Heathrow expansion in its final report as the best option for all of the UK.

Up to 180,000 jobs and £211bn in economic benefits across the UK are estimated to be created by the expansion of Heathrow.

It’s not just other UK airports supporting Heathrow expansion…

Support for Heathrow expansion continues to go from strength to strength, with over 30 Chambers of Commerce, the FSB, CBI, EEF, politicans, and individuals across the UK getting behind it.

Significantly, during the Airports Commission National Consultation over 80% of the 72,000 responses were supporting Heathrow. At a local level, there is also support for expansion with a recent poll of over 12,000 people in local constituencies showing more supported expansion than opposed it.

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The full letter reads:

Dear Sir Howard,

The so-called London Airports debate is not about London at all. It is about the aviation industry as a whole – an industry that employs 960,000 people – boosting growth across the UK and contributing £52bn to the UK economy. Airports are an integral part of local economies; our growth generates growth in our regions.

We are continually looking to grow our route networks – by starting new routes to airports in cities and countries that are destinations in their own right, and by connecting to hub airports to allow our passengers to transfer on to a wider variety of long-haul destinations.

But the UK’s hub airport, Heathrow, is full. This is limiting the slots available for domestic routes and onward connections, and limiting choice for our passengers.

The health of the UK aviation industry is not about the success of one airport, but the success of all our airports, each performing a vital role. Heathrow’s role isas the UK’s hub, one of only six worldwide with more than 50 long haul routes and expansion there would create over 200,000 more slots. For expansion to benefit the whole country there must be a mechanism in place to strengthen and secure domestic connections to the UK’s hub.

We will be backing Heathrow expansion in the Airports Commission consultation as the right choice for the whole of the UK.

Yours sincerely,

Carol Benzie, Managing Director, Aberdeen International AirportAmanda McMillan, Managing Director, Glasgow AirportJohn Parkin, CEO, Leeds Bradford International AirportAndrew Cornish, CEO, Liverpool John Lennon AirportDavid Laws, CEO, Newcastle Airport

By Heathrow

Published 19th February 2015