Top Gear visits Heathrow Airport

A blind spot that hides a 747 aircraft, travelling at 160mph down the runway, seems like some serious yarn spinning. But when TopGear visits Heathrow, you get a Giallo Orion Lamborghini Aventador helping out on the tarmac!

The bright yellow Lamborghini was given lights and stripes so that it would fit right in with the other ‘ordinary’ airport vehicles.

Joining the airside safety crew in style last month, the Lambo (and The Stig) had to tick off a few regulations before letting loose. Firstly, the driver had to pass a driving test to earn a special license. Secondly, TopGear had to provide a suitable vehicle (and a Lamborghini suited us just fine!). The vehicle had to be bright yellow, with flashing orange lights on the top. It also needed a valid Ministry of Transport(MOT) safety certificate and to be less than 10 years old, and ideally be quick enough to get out of trouble should it need to give way to a double-decker Airbus in search of somewhere to land.

Although many of us hoped to see the Lambo’ in full speed, we have a 40mph speed limit around the airfield and black and white stripes that cannot be crossed, separating roadway from runway. Outside of the airfield though, the Lamborghini couldn’t resist and showed off its speed on the surrounding roads.

This £253,000 Lambo was loaned, not purchased, and proved to be very useful after spotting and removing some debris that could otherwise have lodged itself in an aircraft tyre, or worse. The airside safety crew and always open to a helping hand, in style or not.

Safety, our main priority here at Heathrow, has never been so appealing!

Read more about this incredible feature from our friend’s at Top Gear in the July 2013 issue of their magazine. 

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