New UK jobs
New UK jobs

New UK jobs

 Airports Commission verdict: Up to 180,000 new UK jobs

A third runway at Heathrow would create up to 180,000 new jobs and £211bn economic benefits across the UK, according to separate analysis by the Airports Commission.

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As part of The Promise of Heathrow, we’ll also deliver 10,000 apprenticeships, champion employability skills training in schools and help rebalance the UK economy by connecting growth markets to all of the country.

Significantly, of the 180,000 jobs estimated to be created with Heathrow expansion, 95,000 are in manufacturing including over 26,000 jobs in the UK’s Northern Powerhouse.

Heathrow and its international connections already prove very attractive to businesses. Of the UK’s top 300 companies, 120 have their HQs within a 15 mile radius of Heathrow while there are just 16 within 15 miles of Gatwick.

It’s not just London and the South East that will benefit, with every region and nation across the UK set to create new jobs as a result. In fact, over 100,000 jobs are set to be created by 2049 outside of London and the South East (see the full break down here).

Growth at Heathrow: 2050 employment projections:


5 boroughs 40,000+ new jobs
London and South East 75,000+ new jobs
Rest of UK 100,000+ new jobs
UK wide up to 180,000 new jobs

As an island trading nation, connectivity has been central to the UK’s global trading position over the past three hundred years, and is now more essential than ever.

A well-connected UK hub also supports jobs throughout the UK regions. 3.7 million people in the UK work for foreign owned companies.

We have identified how the potential expansion of Heathrow could act as a catalyst for growth and regeneration in a number of ways.

A third runway will help us tackle youth unemployment, narrow the skills and training gap, deliver the connections that regional business tells us it needs to grow, while also increasing UK exports.

We’ll also build on the existing work we do with the local community – including the Heathrow Academy which has recently celebrated 10 years and over 2,300 local people into employment.

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WATCH: Heathrow CEO respond to the Airports Commission recommendation for Heathrow expansion.

WATCH: Heathrow CEO respond to the Airports Commission recommendation for Heathrow expansion.

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