Jobs and growth
Jobs and growth

Jobs and growth

Heathrow expansion will create up to 180,000 jobs and up to £211bn in economic benefits across the UK by 2050, Airports Commission analysis found.

5 boroughs 40,000+ new jobs
London and South East 75,000+ new jobs
Rest of UK 100,000+ new jobs
UK wide up to 180,000 new jobs

Of the up to 180,000 jobs across the UK set to be created by Heathrow over 100,000 are outside of London and the South East.

In manufacturing alone, up to 94,900 more jobs would be created. Put simply: expanding Heathrow will help support greater integration of the capital with the rest of the UK.

Local jobs and the potential to reduce youth unemployment

It goes without saying that Heathrow expansion will provide a massive employment and economic boost to the local areas around it.


Heathrow is already one of the biggest single site employers in the entire country with 76,500 directly employed.

Up to 40,000 jobs in the local area are expected to be created in the area with expansion and double the apprenticeships at Heathrow, to a total of 10,000.

A regional and national economic boost

As much as £114 billion of economic benefits from Heathrow would be spread outside London and the South East to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

Brexit Boost regional support

Heathrow has also announced a package of commitments designed to connect the UK’s nations and regions to growth markets around the world through an expanded Heathrow.

Heathrow expansion has the potential to deliver billions of pounds worth of trade and investment opportunities, reversing a lost decade of connectivity which has seen regional air connections to long-haul markets squeezed out of the UK’s hub airport.

Importantly, inbound investors and tourists from existing and new key markets will be able to reach all parts of the country more quickly and more efficiently.

  • Up to 180,000 jobs and up to £211bn economic benefits created across the UK: Airports Commission: Final Report (Airports Commission, 2015), available online, here.
  • Up to 40 new direct destinations and increased airline competition: Connecting for growth (Frontier Economics, 2011); Impact of airport expansion options on competition and choice (Frontier Economics, 2014); More information available, here.
  • New domestic routes: easyJet has submitted an indicative route map of destinations it would serve with expansion including new domestic destinations while Heathrow has proposed a series of measures to improve domestic air links. Information on both can be found, here.
  • For more information on rail journey times with new planned and proposed upgrades, click here.
  • The regional breakdown of economic benefits and job creation can be found here: Regional Distribution of Employment and Economic Impacts (QUOD, 2015),
  • For more overarching information about the project, please see Taking Britain Further, Volume 1 (Heathrow, 2014), Heathrow Airport north west runway: business case and sustainability assessment (Airports Commission, 2014) (available in the Downloads section of this site)

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