Heathrow to invest £105m to create “once in a generation” green spaces boost with expansion

Heathrow has today unveiled new images of how expansion at the airport could create a “once in a generation” £105m investment in public green spaces around the Colne Valley.

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  • Heathrow expansion has potential to create new and enhanced public green spaces that will be four times the size of Hyde Park
  • More than £105 million available in expansion plans for new community buildings and green space creation
  • Transformational improvements to Colne Valley Regional Park would reduce flood risk, protect biodiversity and create new public spaces for people to enjoy

Heathrow has today unveiled new images of how expansion at the airport could create a “once in a generation” £105m investment in public green spaces around the Colne Valley.

When completed, parkland around the airport would be approximately four times the size of London’s Hyde Park.

The investment is included in the airport’s expansion plans and would create new and enhanced public parkland, as well as wildlife habitats, in west London. This would give local communities more outdoor recreational opportunities, boost biodiversity and improve the look and feel of the area.

The new images released today highlight the improvements, including the potential transformations within the southern part of the Colne Valley Regional Park. Heathrow will work with interested parties to create new wet meadows for flood protection, boosting biodiversity, pastures for grazing animals, bridleways, a cross country course, natural ponds, sports facilities, formal gardens, allotments and even a mountain bike trail for the public to enjoy.

Heathrow is collaborating with the Colne Valley Regional Park Community Interest Company (CIC) on developing this vision if the airport is chosen to expand. The green spaces redevelopment plans would be subject to public consultation as part of a rigorous planning process.

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New green areas to the East, North and South of the airport would also be created. Heathrow would work with the Friends of the River Crane to improve the quality of the habitat for watercourses to the east of the airport and increase their public amenity value.

To the North, there is an opportunity to create wetland areas with public boardwalk access, an improved cycle network connecting with local boroughs. Finally, to the South, potentially new and enhanced green spaces would include new, publicly accessible sports facilities.

Supporting the community

Heathrow has been a corporate supporter of the CIC for many years and continues to work with stakeholders across local communities, to improve environmental conditions in the area.


Heathrow Director of Sustainability, Matt Gorman said:

“Heathrow expansion is an opportunity to provide once in a generation improvements to the physical environment for the communities around the airport.”

“Our new plan means this airport can be world-leading in environmental performance and guarantee that those most impacted by expansion get both the greatest benefits and fair treatment.”

Other local benefits of Heathrow expansion…

The new public green spaces aren’t the only benefits for the local community, with expansion set to see our apprenticeship scheme double to create 10,000 apprenticeships by 2030 on top of new jobs and supply chain benefits forecast.

Jobs with expansion CGI_web

It’s estimated that up to 40,000 jobs across London will be created with Heathrow expansion by 2050 through construction of new facilities at the airport, jobs once in operation, and supply chain benefits.

  • “The Colne Valley Park is the first large taste of countryside to the west of London. The Park, which was founded in 1965, stretches from Rickmansworth in the north to Staines and the Thames in the south, Uxbridge and Heathrow in the east to Slough and Chalfont in the west.” More information can be found on their website here:
  • Heathrow provides an annual donation to the CIC of £5,000 which goes to fund the park and CIC activities.
  • More information on Heathrow’s plans to improve green spaces around the airport with expansion can be found in Taking Britain Further, Volume 1 available for download, here [link: ] .
  • Jobs estimates are sourced from the Airports Commission’s Final Report (2015)
  • Larger file sizes of each image are available upon request.

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