Her Majesty the Queen and Heathrow – a long royal history


By Heathrow

Published 9th August 2015

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Here at Heathrow we take pride in Her Majesty the Queen’s long association with our airport. With Queen Elizabeth II today becoming the longest serving British Monarch we’ve taken a look back at the big moments we’ve welcomed Her Majesty at Heathrow!

1952: The former Princess Elizabeth returned to Heathrow as Queen Elizabeth II, after her father, George VI, died whilst she was touring Kenya.

1955: Queen Elizabeth II opened Heathrow’s first permanent passenger terminal, the Europa Building, which was later renamed Terminal 2. Her Majesty the Queen also opened the iconic Queen’s Building and the airport’s original control tower.

The Queen Opening The Queen’s Building in 1955.

1969: Her Majesty formally inaugurated Terminal 1.

Historic Heathrow, Her Majesty The Queen formally opens Terminal 1, 1969.

1977: Queen Elizabeth II unveiled the London Underground connection between central London and Heathrow. This was first link of its kind to connect a capital city with its major airport.

1996: Her Majesty the Queen attends Heathrow’s 50th anniversary event

2008: Terminal 5 was opened by Her Majesty.

Her Majesty the Queen at the opening of Terminal 5

2012: A giant Union Flag with an image of Queen Elizabeth II was painted next to Heathrow’s northern runway to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

2013: Her Majesty agrees to have Heathrow’s new Terminal 2 named ‘Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal’.

2014: The new ‘Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal’ opens, nearly sixty years after the Queen opened the original Terminal 2.

On behalf of all of us at Heathrow, we’d like to pass on our congratulations to Her Majesty for her milestone appearance!



By Heathrow

Published 9th August 2015