Heathrow welcomes astronaut Tim Peake back to Britain!


By Heathrow

Published 13th July 2016

Home > Must See > Heathrow welcomes astronaut Tim Peake back to Britain!

Home > Must See > Heathrow welcomes astronaut Tim Peake…

British ESA astronaut Tim Peake landed at Heathrow from Houston today for the first time in 7 months following his six-month trip to the International Space Station. To celebrate his safe landing back to earth and to welcome him home to the UK, Heathrow has today unveiled Tim as one of the iconic welcome posters which will be viewed by 75 million passengers a year.

Photographs of Tim with his arms outstretched in his distinctive blue overalls, will be showcased across all terminals. Tim arrived into Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal. His first public appearance in the UK is planned for 15 July, at the Farnborough Air Show.

Tim Peake to welcome visitors the UK from Heathrow – every day

Alongside Tim, eight new British icons have also been chosen to welcome visitors to the UK. Heathrow’s welcome campaign has become a well-recognised greeting for passengers arriving at the airport. There are now over 20 iconic figures represented with new additions ranging from a Red Arrows pilot, to a Town Crier and a Zookeeper, all of whom aim to celebrate the United Kingdom’s diverse culture.

The welcome images are spread across the terminals in a variety of locations from baggage re-claim to gates across all four airport terminals. There are over 60 posters in total across the airport.

“Heathrow is a great British asset that is recognised around the world and now from space too. We are honoured that astronaut Tim Peake has joined our line-up of iconic personalities that celebrate the diversity and colour that the United Kingdom has to offer.” Heathrow CEO, John Holland-Kaye

Alan Wyatt, Town Crier is another UK icon who has been honoured in Heathrow’s welcome campaign. Alan who has worked as a Town Crier in London for the past three decades said: “I was so honoured to be selected to join the welcome to Heathrow campaign. I love the idea that a Town Crier is now greeting overseas visitors as well as Brits arriving back home in the UK.’

Alan is the holder of two Guinness Records, one for the loudest Town Crier in the World at 112.8 decibels and another record for a 48-hour town Criethon when he cried a hundred-word proclamation every 15 mins for 48 hours.

Flight Lieutenant Joe Hourston, Red 9, is another star of Heathrow’s welcome campaign. Joe has flown as a pilot with the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, for the last two years. The 36-year-old, who flew the Tornado aircraft operationally before joining the world-renowned display team, said: “One of the roles of the Red Arrows is to represent the United Kingdom and act as national ambassadors at home and overseas – so being part of Heathrow’s welcome campaign is a perfect addition to my role.”

FLASHBACK: The Red Arrows performing a fly past at Heathrow in 2015 to celebrate the anniversary of the Magna Carta

Heathrow’s new welcome campaign is now on display across all terminals featuring:

  • Tanya Moodie – Actor, Globe Theatre

  • Vicky Fyson – Zookeeper, London Zoo

  • Alan Myatt – Town Crier

  • Rachul Panchkaran –Customer Service Assistant, London Underground

  • Joe Hourston – Red Arrows pilot

  • Natasha Moger – SAC Engineer

  • Floriana Stanciu – Big Issue Vendor

  • Stephen Wiltshire – London Artist

Heathrow’s 70th year

Now in its 70th birthday year, Heathrow is the UK’s hub airport, home to more than 80 airlines connecting to more than 180 destinations. Every year Heathrow welcomes over 70 million passengers with a commitment to ‘making every journey better’.

Following an investment of more than £11 billion over the past 10 years, passengers have voted Heathrow the ‘Best Airport in Western Europe’, ‘Best Airport Terminal’ for Terminal 5 and ‘Best Airport for Shopping’ 7 years in a row.


By Heathrow

Published 13th July 2016