Help shape Heathrow’s proposals for property and noise compensation 21st July – 12th October 2014

The consultation period is now complete. The results will be used to help Heathrow shape the proposed compensation scheme as part of our updated proposals for a third runway at the Airport. We would like to thank all of those who took the time to complete the consultation questionnaire or visit one of our public exhibition events.

We’ve since launched a Local Community Information site on Heathrow expansion which can be found, here.


Our vision is for Heathrow to be a globally competitive world-class hub for the UK. Growth at Heathrow will provide the international connectivity that supports economic growth and maintains the UK’s position as a world economic power.

The benefits will be local and national. A third runway will create thousands of new jobs, increase trade and tourism, and boost spending in the wider economy.

Heathrow consultation

But we understand that people living around Heathrow have concerns about airport expansion. In developing a third runway at Heathrow we must balance the wider benefits of a successful hub airport with the effects on our local communities.

A new runway, built on land beyond the current airport boundary, will have an impact on local homes and businesses. Flight paths for the new runway will expose new people to aircraft noise.

That’s why we’re committed to treating those most affected by our proposals fairly.

We’ve already said that we’ll spend £550m on new noise and property compensation schemes if the Government supports a third runway.

The consultation has now closed, thank you to all that took part

The public consultation, which closed on October 12th, provided an opportunity for us to hear your views on the principles behind our compensation and mitigation schemes. We’re still at an early stage and we believe it is crucial for us to hear your views before we make those decisions.

Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to complete the consultation questionnaire or visit one of the public exhibition we held across the local area.

The results of the consultation will now be used to help us shape our scheme. We hope to release details of the scheme later this year.

If you would like any further information on the consultation, or our plans for compensation in the event of a new runway please contact the Heathrow Community Relations team on 0800 307 7996.