Heathrow launches new low emission car scheme and invites Imperial College Professor to join air quality group


By Heathrow

Published 30th June 2017

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Heathrow Airport will launch a new programme to incentivise its 6,000 direct employees to acquire a low emission car of their choice, while Imperial College London Professor Helen ApSimon will chair the new Heathrow Air Quality Expert Review group, as part of new major steps announced yesterday.

  • Over 6,000 employees at Heathrow will be offered incentives to drive low emission cars

  • Heathrow invites Professor Helen ApSimon to chair the new Air Quality Expert Review Group on expansion

  • New measures announced by Emma Gilthorpe, Executive Director Expansion, at the Policy Forum for London

Speaking today at the Policy Forum for London, Emma Gilthorpe, Heathrow’s Executive Director responsible for delivering expansion, announced further major steps forward in the airport’s plans to improve London’s air quality, as Heathrow gets on with delivering the third runway.

Colleagues will be able to pay for the car through a monthly gross salary reduction, which will ensure they receive savings in income tax and national insurance, in return for their participation in the scheme. The programme will also offer excellent discounts from car manufacturers for leasing low emission vehicles.

Emma also announced that Heathrow has invited Imperial College London Professor Helen ApSimon to chair the new Heathrow Air Quality Expert Review group. This independent body will provide expert perspectives to ensure a third runway is delivered without compromising the UK’s ability to comply with legal air quality requirements.

Prof ApSimon is a renowned authority on air quality, having served on the Airborne Particles Expert Group, the National Expert Group on Transboundary Air pollution, and the Air Quality Expert Group of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Supporting the Mayor of London’s new transport strategy…

The announcements today support the goals of the Mayor of London’s new transport strategy to deliver a fairer, greener and more prosperous London by improving air quality, and working towards making London a zero-carbon city. The new measures are part of Heathrow 2.0, the airport’s new sustainability strategy, which aims to make Heathrow a world leader in reducing emissions from all sources of activities, both on and off airport.

The new mayoral transport strategy sets environmental challenges that we need to meet – and we will. By working in partnership with others, by investing in technological innovation and by being prepared to take the lead sometimes, we can expand Heathrow in the right way. This is not – and must not be – a choice between the economy and the environment.

– Emma Gilthorpe, Heathrow Executive Expansion Director

Speaking to delegates, Emma Gilthorpe said, “The new mayoral transport strategy sets environmental challenges that we need to meet – and we will. By working in partnership with others, by investing in technological innovation and by being prepared to take the lead sometimes, we can expand Heathrow in the right way. This is not – and must not be – a choice between the economy and the environment.”

Heathrow is targeting the real source of emissions, road vehicles, by working with partners to increase public transport options to the airport, and through initiatives – including those announced today – which will encourage the use of cleaner vehicles. New capacity at an expanded Heathrow will not be released unless it can be done without compromising the UK’s ability to comply with legal air quality requirements.

Heathrow has today announced an exclusive partnership with FlyFit to open the world’s first wellness and fitness studio in an airport. The studio, which opens this autumn, will offer passengers both instructor-led and interactive strength, restorative yoga, and cardio classes.

The brand-new, state-of-the-art space will be located after security in departures at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2: The Queens Terminal, accessible through a lift down to its private facilities. The FlyFit team will provide rental workout clothing, shower facilities and healthy food options to help travelers to stay well wherever their journey takes them.

The idea was developed by Brian Chappon and Lauren Perkins, two long-time road warriors and fitness enthusiasts who both experienced the challenges of maintaining mental and physical health first-hand while travelling.

As a long time instructor, coach, triathlete and entrepreneur, I saw my performance and energy levels suffer as I racked up frequent flyer miles. I knew others faced these same challenges. FlyFit was born out of our shared passion to improve health and well-being on the road for ourselves and others. We are creating a space for fitness and community that has previously been lacking in airports

– CMO and founder, Lauren Perkins.

“our ethos of changing the way people travel”

Heathrow and FlyFit have been working in close collaboration to make this new wellness and travel concept a premium, yet accessible, reality for travelers. “We picked Heathrow as our FlyFit launch partner because they agree with our ethos of changing the way people travel! We’re trying to create a new experience in the travel space and Heathrow invests in its customer experience,” says CEO, and founder, Brian Chappon.

We are delighted to be the first airport in the world to provide a calming, convenient exercise space for improving passenger’s health and well-being. The new premium service from FlyFit brings personalised exercise choices into our customer’s journey, leaving them refreshed and ready for their onward travel.

– Heathrow’s Retail and Service Proposition Director, Chris Annetts

Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal sees over 16 million passengers fly through each year on 25 airlines including Star Alliance.

About FlyFit

FlyFit is a wellness and fitness studio featuring both instructor-led and on-demand interactive strength, restorative yoga, and cardio classes for travelers decompress and recharge behind airport security. Redefining the way travelers move throughout the world, FlyFit is opening its first facility at Heathrow Airport, with additional global locations to come.

For more information about FlyFit, visit: www.flyfitglobal.com

The 50 busiest airlines at Heathrow will now be publicly ranked on their work to reduce emissions and noise in their operations. Every three months, Heathrow will publish its new Fly Quiet and Clean League Table showing a red/amber/green rating for seven noise and emissions criteria.

  • For the first time, airlines’ emissions performance, as well as their noise performance, is now tracked publicly in a quarterly league table

  • Unscheduled night flights operating between 11:30 pm and 4:30 am are taken into account in noise rankings

  • Initial data shows BA short haul, Aer Lingus and Etihad Airways are cleanest and quietest airlines.

  • New League table part of Heathrow’s plans to be a world-leading airport in reducing emissions from all sources of activity, both on and off airport

The new league table is an expanded version of the successful Heathrow Fly Quiet programme, which has tracked airlines’ noise performance since 2013 and incentivised airlines to use their quieter aircraft types and operating procedures at the airport. It adds two emissions-based criteria which scores the type of engines used by aircraft (the ‘CAEP’ score) and the efficiencies of aircraft when it comes to NOx emissions per seat (the ‘NOx/seat’ score).

As part of the airport’s efforts to reduce the number of aircraft operating at night, and to provide more predictable periods of noise respite for local residents, the new table also includes a new metric tracking unscheduled airline operations between 11:30 at night and 4:30 in the morning.

British Airways’, Aer Lingus and Etihad Airways lead the way…

The first Fly Quiet and Clean League Table, based on data from January to March, reveals British Airways’ short haul, Aer Lingus and Etihad Airways as the cleanest and quietest fleets at the airport.

Heathrow Airport, Aer Lingus aircraft on taxiway, February 2014.

The Fly Quiet and Clean Table is part of Heathrow 2.0, the airport’s new sustainability strategy, which aims to make Heathrow the world leader in delivering the cleanest aircraft and operations possible, targeting emissions in several ways:

  • On arrivals: by linking our landing fees to an aircraft’s NOx emissions. In 2017 we increased this fee by nearly 100%.

  • On the airfield: by encouraging airlines to use reduced-engine taxiing

  • At gates: through £20-million-pound investment in technology like pre-conditioned air so aircraft can turn their engines off. This year, we are aiming to increase the use of this technology by 20% compared to 2016.

Matt Gorman, Heathrow Director of Sustainability said, “While the main contributor to local pollution remains road traffic, Heathrow is playing its part to improve air quality by reducing emissions from its vehicles, buildings and aircraft.”

“We are excited to add a whole new dimension to the league table and have another tool to help airlines to reduce their impact on air quality. Together, we can play our part to improve our local environment and help the UK and London governments meet their air quality targets.” – Heathrow Director of Sustainability, Matt Gorman

By publishing the table each quarter, Heathrow aims to recognise good performance, provide airlines with regular feedback, and identify specific areas to be targeted for improvement. Heathrow will engage with airlines showing red results in the latest league table to improve their rating.

How does the league table work? How are the airlines ranked?

Each airline is ranked across 7 metrics:

  • Noise quota/seat
  • Chapter number (noise certification)
  • NOx emissions/seat
  • CAEP Standard (engine emissions certification)
  • Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) violations
  • Track keeping (TK) violations
  • Early or late movements between 23:30 and 04:30

For more Information on the Fly Quiet and Clean programme please visit http://www.heathrowflyquietandclean.com/ .

A thumping Easter getaway helped Heathrow secure its best April on record with cargo volumes increasing 12% and passenger numbers by 11%!

The airport welcomed over 6 million passengers, jumping 11% on the same month in 2016. The Middle East climbed 22% on the back of more A380s and new services like Tehran, while North America rose 10% on higher load factors.

New York and Dubai were Heathrow’s most popular international destinations in April, with the routes welcoming nearly 500,000 travellers. Passengers also endorsed the added choice on Scottish routes, with Flybe’s new services to Aberdeen and Edinburgh boosting domestic volumes by 19,000 in April.

Cargo to Latin America rises 27%, South Asia 19%…

British exports through Heathrow are growing – the volume of cargo flying from the airport was up an impressive 12% in April and grew 27% to Latin America and 19% to South Asia, growing at least twice as fast as volumes to Europe (+11%).

Heathrow, Emirates 747 cargo aircraft taking off, April 2017.

North America remains Britain’s most important export market from Heathrow, recording healthy 14% growth in cargo in April.

China’s economic powerhouse of Qingdao in Shandong – home of Confucius and Tsingtao beer – is set to be connected to Heathrow later this summer after Beijing Capital Airlines confirmed it would begin services to the city. The new route will provide nearly 4,000 tonnes of new cargo space for British exports to a fast-growing market in China.

Source: Travel Daily News.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said, “Heathrow had a bumper April – growth in 2017 has been faster than most expected, reinforcing the need for more capacity at the nation’s hub.”

Britain’s exports outside the EU are thriving and with Heathrow expansion opening up to 40 new long-haul trading links, the scale of the opportunity across the globe is tremendous. We’re working around-the-clock to deliver Britain’s new runway and secure the country’s future as a global trading powerhouse. 

– Heathrow CEO, John Holland-Kaye

In April, Heathrow also announced its plans to create four new logistics hubs around the UK to help with expansion construction. Communities across Britain have been invited to put forward their ideas to host one of the hubs.

These hubs will play a vital role in making Heathrow’s expansion programme more affordable and environmentally sustainable, as well as creating jobs across the country as the airport looks to increase off-site construction.

Heathrow has launched its latest online film ‘Wonderers’, celebrating the wondrous possibility of flying and the closeness that air travel can bring to people from all corners of the globe.

Accompanied by the distinctive voice of John Boyega, a London born icon whose recent travels have brought him global fame and exciting opportunities, the film beautifully captures genuine moments of closeness between passengers at Heathrow.

As part of the piece, we see small interactions juxtaposed with the epic landscape of Heathrow. John’s distinctive voice reminds us to keep looking up and dreaming; ‘Wonderers, keep wondering. We’re all closer here.’

Created by HAVAS London, the sixty second film focuses on the universal human quality of curiosity and how this brings us closer together. With over 75 million passengers travelling through Heathrow to 194 destinations in 82 countries, Heathrow is the place that the wonder of travel unites them all.

The film was shot by Fred Scott of Pulse films with post completed by The Mill.

“Heathrow is a totally unique place, where everyone is different”

Ben Mooge, Executive Creative Director at HAVAS London, said, “Heathrow is a totally unique place, where everyone is different, yet connects, and improbably flies together. We believe if you stay open and keep Wondering you’ll be closer to the world, and everyone in it.”

We wanted the film to capture the way in which air travel can bring us closer. Whether this is a family who are reconnecting on holiday or two strangers on different life journeys sharing the same destination, passengers at Heathrow have more in common than they realise, yet connect to travel in unique and different ways.

– Heathrow Marketing Research and Insights Lead, Rebecca White

“We hope this film creates a moment to celebrate the journey we are all on, and the unifying wonder of the destination.”

HAVAS and Heathrow teamed up for Heathrow’s highly popular 2016 Christmas Ad – “The Best Gift of All” – watch it here.


By Heathrow

Published 7th June 2017