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Published 30th October 2014

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Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye has said 30 airlines are waiting to start new routes or increase their flights at the airport, but can’t due to capacity constraints, in an article published in The Telegraph today.

The article, by Nathalie Thomas, goes on to explain how it is long-haul airlines from North America, South America and Asia that predominantly make up this list.

Significantly, markets in these areas are predicted to grow the most over the next 40 years, making direct air-connections vital for the UK maintaining its economic strength.

An excerpt of the article is included below:

John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow’s chief executive, said the waiting list includes airlines from North America, South America and Asia as he sought to paint the West London hub, which is operating at more than 98pc of its maximum flight capacity, as a crucial part of Britain’s future as a major exporter.Mr Holland-Kaye pointed out that a quarter of British exports are flown abroad via Heathrow as he pressed the case for building a third runway at the airport.Debate over the best location for a new runway in the south-east of England will take on a fresh ferocity over the next few weeks as the Airports Commission, a body set up to investigate the thorny issue of aviation capacity, prepares to launch a national consultation early next month. Heathrow is in a two-horse race with its West Sussex rival, Gatwick, for the right to build Britain’s next runway.Mr Holland-Kaye claimed Gatwick’s second runway proposals are “primarily about low cost flights to Europe”, while he claimed expanding Heathrow is important for the future of the British economy.“There is massive demand for flights into Heathrow,” the airports boss said. “There are Chinese carriers that are queuing up to get here. Air China told me they could have four flights a day coming into Heathrow if there was only more capacity.”He claimed airlines are instead launching routes from rival hub airports in France and Germany, rather than going to Gatwick.Source: The Telegraph

The full article can be found online via The Telegraph’s website. Get involved in the conversation via @yourHeathrow.

Find out more about the role emerging markets are playing in the economic global race here.

Heathrow Airport has today released a revised expansion plan after listening to the views of locals during recent consultations.

The changes include introducing improvements to local traffic flows, creating more flood protection, enhancing local landscaping to provide better areas for recreation, and investigating a new site for an-energy-from-waste plant away from the edge of Stanwell, to a location further away from residential buildings.

Key points from the revised plan are:

  • New site for energy from waste plant identified further away from communities;

  • Colnbrook and Poyle to get a new bypass;

  • Enhancements made to green spaces and local landscape;

  • Better flood protection for previously affected communities;

  • Taken together the plans would result in new or enhanced parkland that is approximately four times the size of London’s Hyde Park.

How the revisions were made

The revisions were made after listening to feedback from meetings held with local residents groups since our original plans were submitted to the Airports Commission. Many of the latest improvements were influenced by specific comments from Spelthorne Council, residents living in Stanwell and Stanwell Moor, and their elected representatives.

John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive of Heathrow said the plan provides a great opportunity to improve the surrounding areas.

“We are keen that the expansion of Heathrow includes our neighbours’ views. We are listening and I urge all local residents and local authorities to pass on their invaluable knowledge of the area to help us make our plan as good as it can be,” John Holland-Kaye said.

“Our plan provides a great opportunity to improve the environmental landscape around the airport and to mitigate some of today’s problems including local road congestion and the impacts of flooding.”

Roberto Tambini, CEO of Spelthorne Council, said, “We are delighted that Heathrow has listened to and acted upon our feedback in creating its updated expansion plans and that the residents of Spelthorne have been offered an improved deal as a result.”

“I am sure that we can work together and that Heathrow will continue to listen to Spelthorne residents and demonstrate a flexible approach to future proposals.”

Existing plans include provision to surround the airport with a ‘green ring’ of landscaped recreational parkland, which many residents welcomed. The updated plans will see this extended to the south of the airport, providing a continuous 15 mile corridor of publicly accessible green space for local residents.

As part of the ‘green ring’ Stanwell Park would be enhanced, providing better designed landscaping and increasing the amount of recreational land between Stanwell and the proposed car park to the south of the airport, which has been made smaller.

A once-in-a-generation opportunity

The investment of £16 billion of private money would provide a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address issues such as flooding that are of concern to neighbouring communities, after the rivers Colne and Wraysbury broke their banks earlier this year. We will support Environment Agency in developing better flood alleviation schemes to protect homes and property, for example by providing investment for local flood defences and other sustainable methods of flood prevention.

The technical drawing of Heathrow’s additional runway proposal prior to the latest revisions.

We will also make existing sports facilities for Stanwell Moor even better with the provision of a new all-weather sports pitch, should balancing ponds that would be built to the south or west of the airport in the event of expansion need to be located near the village.

We would aim for the ponds to become a community asset through appropriate landscaping, design and usage, and would also create a brand new park for local people, replacing the fields taken to accommodate them.

Colnbrook and Poyle would benefit from the creation of a new bypass to replace the existing A3044, routing traffic around the villages and easing the congestion they currently experience. Congestion would further be alleviated for local communities and emissions reduced through widening parts of the airport’s Southern Perimeter Road and a series of grade separated junctions introduced at certain roundabouts.

Furthermore, we have committed to creating designated “HGV routes” from the M25, M3 and M4, to ensure that plans to create world-class consolidated cargo handling facilities which would enhance Heathrow’s role as the UK’s most important port for high value goods, do not result in additional goods vehicles on unsuitable local roads.

Find out more about Heathrow’s vision and what it will look like with expansion here.

UPDATE (9 Sept 2015): Cornwall Chamber of Commerce supports Heathrow expansion, bring total to 33 CoCs

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce has today come out in favour of Heathrow’s expansion plans, citing the increased connectivity it would bring and the supply chain opportunities for the area as key factors. Cornwall makes it 33 Chambers of Commerce across the UK supporting Heathrow expansion.

Speaking in the Western Morning News, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Kim Conchie described why they are supporting Heathrow.

“But having listened closely to the debates for over two years, we feel Heathrow’s plan not only secures access to the City of London for Cornwall, it also offers the Duchy connectivity to global markets which will provide increased import and export opportunities,” Conchie said.

“Heathrow has made a binding commitment to be the World’s leading airport in the areas of recycling, renewable technology and sustainable solutions; Cornwall’s growing expertise in these sectors coupled with increased connectivity means that the County will be given the opportunity to play an important role in the global supply chain.”

“Heathrow has made a binding commitment to be the World’s leading airport in the areas of recycling, renewable technology and sustainable solutions; Cornwall’s growing expertise in these sectors coupled with increased connectivity means that the County will be given the opportunity to play an important role in the global supply chain.” – Kim Conchie, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce CEO

Conservative MP for St Austell and Newquay, Steve Double, praised the announcement in the same article saying:

“I am pleased that the Chamber of Commerce has also placed its weight behind the Heathrow bid. We now have a united front of Newquay Cornwall Airport, politicians and the business community all with the same message,” Double said.

“I have been supporting the Heathrow bid for the past 12 months and will continue to press the Government to confirm its choice for airport expansions as soon as possible.

“Read the full article here.

UPDATE (Feb 3, 2015): 32 Chambers of Commerce across UK support Heathrow expansion

Additional Chambers of Commerce have now come on board to support Heathrow – taking the number to 32.

The full list of Chambers who are supporting Heathrow expansion:

  • Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce
  • Belfast Chamber of Trade and Commerce
  • Cumbria Chamber of Commerce
  • Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce
  • Doncaster Chamber of Commerce
  • East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce
  • Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
  • Harrogate Chamber of Trade and Commerce
  • Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce
  • Hounslow Chamber of Commerce
  • Inverness Chamber of Commerce
  • Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce
  • Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
  • London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Maidenhead & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
  • North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce
  • Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce
  • North East Chamber of Commerce
  • Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
  • Scottish Chambers of Commerce
  • South Wales Chamber of Commerce
  • Shropshire Chamber of Commerce
  • South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce
  • Swindon & Wiltshire Initiative
  • Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber
  • West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce
  • West London Business
  • Windsor District Chamber of Commerce

Oct 27: 23 UK Chambers of Commerce voice Heathrow expansion support

In an open letter to the Airports Commission published today (October 27), 23 Chambers of Commerce representing over 40,000 businesses from across the UK have outlined the unique benefits a stronger hub at Heathrow would bring to British business.

As one of only 6 airports worldwide with more than 50 long haul routes, the Chambers recognise that only an expanded Heathrow is capable of keeping all of Britain at the heart of the global economy by continuing to put on the flights that drive tourism, inward investment and connect British business to the fast growing markets in Asia and South America.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said the letter highlights Heathrow’s “critical role” in the UK economy.

“More and more people across the UK are recognising the critical role Heathrow plays in the success of the British economy. Business is telling the Commission that Heathrow is geographically in the best location, is the only airport that can deliver flights to the world’s growth markets and the only option that has exports front and centre of its expansion plans,” John Holland-Kaye said.

“With over 25% of all British exports going through Heathrow, compared to only 4% at Gatwick, businesses up and down the country are making it clear that Heathrow is the only option that can help Britain with the race for growth.” – John Holland-Kaye

The Chambers called on businesses across the UK to support Heathrow during the Airports Commission’s national consultation or risk the UK falling behind European hub rivals.

The full letter reads:

A successful aviation industry is vital for UK economic growth. We all support our local airports and want them to grow their route network and flourish. But Heathrow provides the UK with something different. Heathrow is our hub airport, and one of only 6 airports worldwide with more than 50 long haul routes. We need it to expand to continue to put on the flights that drive tourism, inward investment and connect our businesses to key markets in places like China, India, Brazil. The Airports Commission process is the UK’s last chance to expand our hub airport. Our European rivals will be watching with interest to see if the UK wants to remain a country with major global links, or if we are happy to export that advantage, and the jobs and growth with it, to Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. As Chambers of Commerce across the UK we are also following this debate closely. The expansion of the UK’s only hub airport, Heathrow, will benefit my region and I will be making my voice heard in the Airports Commission national consultation.

Ensuring the whole of the UK is connected to growth is central to Heathrow’s proposals for expansion. The airport has established an independent National Connectivity Task Force, charged with developing concrete policy proposals and recommendations for improving regional access at an expanded Heathrow.

Members include representatives of national airports, Chambers of Commerce, Local Enterprise Partnerships, business people from around the UK and airlines.

A final report from the Task Force is due before the end of 2014 and will inform on-going discussions with the Airports Commission on airport capacity expansion in the south east.

To find out more about how an expanded Heathrow will help connect the UK regions as well as take advantage of rail upgrades, click here.

This week we’ve released a new series of advertisements outlining how expanding the UK’s hub airport – Heathrow – will benefit all of Britain. Jobs, cargo exports, regional links by air and rail, and reducing prices by increasing the supply of capacity are all covered within the ads.

Keep an eye out for them and tweet us what you think @yourHeathrow!

TBF_Hub benefits ad_ regions

Heathrow, the UK’s only hub airport, was the subject of a much intensified political debate on the UK’s air capacity over recent weeks. The political party conference season created a fresh round of conversation with politician’s deciding to tackle the UK’s aviation capacity issue head on – just months before the Airports Commission is due to make its recommendations.

It quickly became clear at the first conference of the season the aviation capacity issue would feature heavily with the linked areas of jobs and trade high on the agenda of the Labour Party.

Significantly, Labour Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls called for an end to the “delay” and “dithering” around a decision on airport capacity. Balls called for his party to wait for the Airports Commission’s decision and act swiftly upon it.

“Whatever the outcome of the Howard Davies review into airport capacity, we must resolve to finally make a decision on airport capacity in London and the South-East — expanding capacity while taking into account the environmental impact… No more kicking into the long-grass, but taking the right decisions for Britain’s long-term future,” the Shadow Chancellor said.

At the Conservative Party Conference, it was the incumbent Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne who also called for a quick decision to be made – citing how much the UK had lost in not making a decision earlier.

“Let’s face it, even today this country has spent forty years failing to take a decision about building a new runway in the South East of England.” Rt Hon George Osborne MP – Chancellor of the Exchequer.

While UKIP outwardly opposed airport expansion, Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg suggested he is open to airport expansion now that the industry’s environmental improvements are becoming clearer and clearer.

“I do happen to think the environmental impact can … be consistent with some form of airport expansion given the rapid improvement in environmental performance of modern aircraft,” Clegg said.

Other Lib Dems came out during the conference with statements suggesting they believe the UK capacity issue is a crucial one for the future. Lord Brian Paddick for example wrote in his article titled “Is it reasonable to ban runway expansion across the UK?”:

“We are not out of the economic woods yet and our near neighbours are ahead of the game when it comes to air connectivity,” said Lord Paddick.

Overall, it was clear that politicians across all parties recognise the aviation capacity debate is a crucial one for the UK, with competition for links to emerging markets for trade set to dominate the near future. Additionally, it became clear the economic, employment and transport benefits of airport expansion could provide the impetus for many of the jobs and business targets politicians set-out at the conferences.

With the party conference season now over, the next moment for the UK capacity debate will be the Airports Commission National Consultation launching in a few weeks. Keep an eye on @yourHeathrow on Twitter for more information closer to the date.

Find out more about the over 120,000 new UK jobs an additional runway at Heathrow will help create here.

Qatar Airways joined a growing list of carriers to use A380s with its first A380 touching down in Heathrow on Friday, October 10, after its maiden voyage from Doha.

The arrival of the aircraft was a popular event online with many enthusiasts sharing their own photos. Qatar Airways now joins Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, and British Airways at Heathrow as A380 users.

For more information please see Qatar Airways’ video below, which outlines the tri-class configuration on-board their new aircraft.

Heathrow has recorded its busiest September ever with 6.58 million passengers using the airport, as expansion calls grow for the UK’s hub- The Evening Standard has reported.

Titled “Heathrow’s expansion calls grow louder after record month”, the article reads:

The chief executive of Heathrow has re-iterated calls to expand the airport as its freight business grew rapidly last month.Heathrow chief John Holland-Kaye said Heathrow now handles a quarter of all UK exports by value and that cargo traffic was up 7.8% in September.Figures showed freight to Mexico was up 57.2%, 52.2% to Nigeria, 37.1% to Russia, 25.6% to China and 20.8% to India.During a record September for the airport, 6.58 million passengers travelled through the hub, up 0.3% on last year.Heathrow said this was “supported by larger, fuller, quieter aircraft”. Seats per aircraft increased 0.4% to 204.8, passengers per aircraft rose 1.5% to 165.9.Heathrow’s operator said today its expansion has the support of a majority of MPs and 49% of local residents support an additional runway and 32% oppose it, according to a Populus study.Heathrow chief John Holland-Kaye said: “September saw growing support from MPs and local residents for expansion at Heathrow as the best solution to the UK’s hub capacity crisis.“Heathrow handles a quarter of all British exports by value, but is full. More and more people are asking “how can we double Britain’s exports if we don’t expand Heathrow?”Source: Alex Lawson, Evening Standard

See the full media release here, or read more about the importance of cargo to Heathrow and the UK in our “Boosting exports” section.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye has featured in this morning’s City AM where he has called on UK leaders to not politicise airport expansion and act quickly following the Airports Commission process.

In the article, Holland-Kaye points out that the last 10 years of Heathrow being full has showed that a “dispersed model” for hub capacity isn’t the answer as airlines either want to fly from Heathrow, or not from London at all.

Below is an excerpt from the article, titled “Don’t politicise airport expansion: Heathrow is the only option for a global UK”:

“This debate isn’t about concrete, it is about the future we want for this country. Do we have the ambition to remain at the heart of the global economy, or are we prepared to be on a branchline to growth? If we are ambitious as a nation, we urgently need to address the bottleneck in UK aviation – by expanding Heathrow, our hub airport.The global landscape is changing and the growing economies are almost all in Asia and the Americas – markets you can only get to by air. If we want to win the “race for growth”, we need to be better connected to growth markets than the French and the Germans.The UK’s competitors in Europe are growing business routes to these destinations by expanding their hub airports. Heathrow, the UK’s hub, has been full for 10 years and we have been turning away new routes.For all that time, Britain has effectively had a “dispersed model”, with overseas airlines encouraged to fly from other London airports. Has it worked? No. There is huge demand from overseas airlines to offer a daily direct service to Heathrow. But if they can’t fly to Heathrow, they opt instead to “hub” from Paris, Amsterdam or Frankfurt.Forcing airlines to go to another European hub is throwing away the UK’s competitive advantage – missing out not only on direct flights for British exporters, inward tourism and investment, but also on flights for exports themselves.”Source: City AM

To read the full article please go to: .

How and why will capacity at Heathrow help the UK compete in the global race? Read more here.

Over 100 participants joined Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye last week in an event celebrating the Heathrow Sustainability Partnership. We’ve put together a short clip of the key speakers on the day, as well as more information on the partnership itself. Enjoy.

Attendees were encouraged to find out more about the Partnership’s projects, and other collaborative programmes at Heathrow, committing to operating responsibly through: by signing up to collaborative projects such as the Clean Vehicles Partnership, the Heathrow Safety Charter, the Cooking Oil Recycling Club and Heathrow Academy.

With 320 companies employing 76,500 people, running Heathrow has similar challenges to a small city. The actions and behaviours of all companies based at Heathrow determine the airports’ ability to operate responsibly.

The Heathrow Sustainability Partnership is a group of companies representing all sectors at the airport, from airlines and ground handlers to construction companies and retailers, all working hard to improve Heathrow’s sustainability performance.

Who is in the partnership?

Led by a Board made up of the Chief Executives of 13 companies operating at Heathrow, the Partnership shares challenges to achieve long term improvements by focussing on three main issues;

  • Transport: travel to and from the airport, operating vehicles within the airport and aircraft landing, taking-off and on the ground.
  • Resources: energy use, waste generation and building design
  • People: employment and skills, local procurement, community investment.

For more information on the partnership and Heathrow’s sustainability programmes, please go to .

We’re proud to announce Heathrow Terminal 5 has taken out the UK Airport of the Year Award at the National Transport Awards overnight.

The award comes after a year that not only featured record passenger numbers but also equalling and beating our best customer service scores.

Heathrow saw off competition from Birmingham, Edinburgh, Gatwick and Glasgow to win the coveted award.

The awards, hosted by broadcaster Jeremy Vine, and introduced by Claire Perry, Under-Secretary of State for the Department for Transport, are a chance to recognise UK transport projects on both a national and local scale.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye and members of our Commuter and Surface Access teams attended the event that took place at Westminster Park Plaza, London.

Heathrow was nominated in two categories – the Commuter Team for Transport Team/Partnership of the year, and the Airport of the Year category where Terminal 5 came up trumps.

Pictured from left to right receiving the award are : Heathrow’s Sustainable Transport Manager Theo Panayi, graduate Alasdair McGregor who recently completed six months in T5, broadcaster Jeremy Vine and Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye.

The Terminal will form part of the Heathrow West Terminal under our vision for an expanded Heathrow, more information can be found here.


By Heathrow

Published 3rd October 2014