Poll: More local residents support expansion at Heathrow than oppose


By Heathrow

Published 24th September 2014

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More local residents in west London, Spelthorne, Slough and Windsor support the expansion of Heathrow than oppose according to new research from independent polling company Populus. 49% support support expansion and 32% oppose.

The poll is the biggest undertaken locally since the Airports Commission was formed. At least 1,000 residents in each constituency were polled, 9,670 in total.

As well as general support, 25% of local residents are more likely to vote for a Parliamentary candidate if they support expansion. 17%are likely to vote for them if they are against the plans. The research further demonstrates support for growing Heathrow to connect the UK to global growth.

59% of voters said they feel positive towards Heathrow, while 34% feel neutral and just 6% feel negative towards the airport.

The research is significant because it covers a statistically representative sample of those who stand to be most affected by Heathrow expansion and who have traditionally been perceived as opposed to growth. It confirms that a large proportion of people in the surrounding constituencies support the airport and its plans for a third runway.

Only one constituency – Richmond – had more residents who opposed expansion than supported it. All other areas saw many more people supporting than opposing a third runway.

John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive at Heathrow said:

“The whole country can get behind this plan. Expansion at Heathrow will connect all of Britain to global growth, and keep Britain at the heart of the global economy. We have listened and improved our proposal so that it benefits local communities. Expansion at Heathrow can deliver 50,000 new local jobs, tackle youth unemployment and add 5,000 new apprenticeships.”

“We are offering a fair deal by significantly increasing our funding for compulsory purchase and noise insulation for local residents. Noise at the airport will reduce compared to today and we can stay within the UK’s environmental limits.”

Heathrow has set out a series of pledges for how expansion would deliver jobs, skills and economic growth for its local communities and the whole of the UK.

The five promises, set out in a new report entitled “The Promise of Heathrow”, form part of a larger plan to deliver more than 120,000 new jobs and £100 billion in economic benefits by connecting the UK to global growth.

As one of the UK’s largest single-site employers, expanding Heathrow would lead to increased opportunities and training, particularly for local young people. In its new report, Heathrow promises that its expansion will double the number of apprenticeships across the airport to 10,000 by 2030 and support wider programmes to champion employability skills training in schools.

“Heathrow is more than an airport: it is a national asset and a critical part of our local and national economy. An additional runway at Heathrow will mean more than an increased flight capacity, it will lead to more jobs, more opportunities for youth and a reinvigorated local economy. The promise of Heathrow, the prize we can secure should our expansion proceed, is British prosperity we can all benefit from.”

– John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow CEO

Approximately 300 apprenticeships are currently started each year across the airport. This number would double with the opportunities an expanded Heathrow would bring.

This would mean: 3,000 apprenticeships in the lead up to construction, a further 3,000 during construction, and then another 4,000 during operation until 2030. We will continue to deliver an apprenticeship programme beyond 2030 and will establish our target for this by 2025.

The report also contains the promise that expansion at Heathrow has the potential to end youth unemployment in the five surrounding boroughs to the airport – Ealing, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Slough and Spelthorne. Youth unemployment currently accounts for a third of total unemployment in the five local boroughs.

More than 76,000 people are already directly employed on site in Heathrow. In the surrounding area, Heathrow supports a total of 114,000 jobs and accounts for one in five (22%) of local jobs.

The promises in full

  1. The promise of new apprenticeships and skills

Heathrow expansion will double the number of apprenticeships across the airport to 10,000 and extend programmes to champion employability skills training in schools

  1. The promise of new jobs

Heathrow expansion will create up to 180,000 new jobs across the UK and has the potential to end youth unemployment in the five local Heathrow boroughs

  1. The promise of connecting every economic centre in the UK to growth

Heathrow expansion will help rebalance the UK economy by connecting all of the UK’s regions and nations to growth markets

  1. The promise of new trade and exports

Heathrow expansion will enable a significant increase in UK exports to close the gap between the UK and our European competitors

  1. The promise of a cleaner and quieter Heathrow

Heathrow expansion will keep CO2 emissions within UK climate change targets, meet local air quality limits and cut the number of people affected by noise by at least 200,000.

Heathrow already runs a comprehensive set of programmes aimed at investing in young people and providing them with the skills they need to compete in a global market. The Heathrow Academy offers courses aimed at unemployed local residents and supports the airport’s objective to recruit 50% of all of our colleagues from local boroughs.

Heathrow also hosts one of the largest careers fair in the country showcasing companies operating at Heathrow, with almost 6,000 students attending last year.The full document is available here.

Find out more about Heathrow expansion:

Heathrow has teamed up with The UK Scouts Association to sponsor new Aviation Skills Badges and activity packs which were celebrated at the launch event last night (17 September 2015) at Langley.

A number of high-profile attendees including Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart, Scout Association UK Chief Commissioner Wayne Bulpitt, Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye and Step up to Serve CEO Charlotte Hill attended the launch of the badges, held at 1st Langley Scouts Hall.

The launch of the new sponsored badge and the activity packs is the result of a partnership between Heathrow and The Scout Association, formed earlier this year, and months of volunteer work by airport staff.

In order to receive one of the badges the Scouts and Explorers have to complete a series of requirements. The Heathrow activity packs, alongside interactive sessions with Heathrow employees and graduate programme members, are designed to support them in achieving these requirements.

What activities are involved in earning the badge…

The Heathrow team has created two separate activities packs – one for Scouts, and one for the Explorers (scouts aged 14-18).

In the basic scouts pack, each participant is required to complete a session on knowledge of the airport, and aircraft, construct their own paper plane using aerodynamic processes, learn marshalling signals, and more.

The more advanced activity pack, for Explorers, requires each participant to study more technical components of aircraft, calculate crosswinds, understand airspace regions as well as learn to talk like a pilot.

Creating the badges…

Twelve young graduates who are part of the Heathrow graduate programme worked with TSA, as part of their on-going participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, to create the activity packs.

As part of this process, the graduates spoke to and worked with Heathrow experts on everything from aircraft design, to terminal engineering, and operational logistics.

One of the Heathrow Graduates, Jack Andrews, said the experience had been an incredibly rewarding one.

“As someone completely new to the world of aviation, working to create this Scouts badge has given me a fantastic appreciation of what Heathrow does. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved and looking forward to working with local young people to share our newfound knowledge,” Jack Andrews, Heathrow Graduate, said.

How to get involved in Local Scout Groups around the airport…

There are a number of Scout Groups within close proximity to the airport. For more information on locations and how to join please visit their website: http://scouts.org.uk/home/

Other Heathrow youth initiatives…

Through the Heathrow Community Fund and donations to the Hillingdon Community Fund, Heathrow Airport has contributed to The Scouts Assocation through a number of other projects this year. Most recently, scout groups at Feltham, Englefield Green and Twickenham each received grants to help with building works.

Heathrow also holds annual school challenges where volunteers and engineers from the airport head out to local primary and secondary schools to give thousands of pupils hands-on experience of engineering challenges. The aim of the challenges is to introduce pupils to engineering in a fun, interactive, relevant way in the hope that it will ignite an interest for studying STEM subjects in the future.

We believe passionately in the power of youth social action to help young people develop the skills and qualities to reach their full potential and make a significant contribution to their communities. This is why Heathrow is proud to be a part of Step up to Serve’s #iWill campaign and the crucial work that it achieves.

A new survey of MPs by independent polling company Ipsos MORI explodes the myth that Heathrow is politically undeliverable. The poll shows 91% of those MPs who back a third runway at Heathrow think it would get parliamentary approval.

The poll also shows that a third runway at Heathrow is the overwhelming choice of MPs from the options left on the Airports Commission’s shortlist. 58% of MPs think that a third runway at Heathrow is the best option for solving the issue of hub airport capacity, compared to 13% for a second runway at Gatwick. Just 13% think the best option would be to do nothing.

Heathrow CEO, John Holland-Kaye, said: “More and more people are backing Heathrow as the best solution for the UK hub capacity crisis. The countries Britain needs to trade with are changing fast and only a hub airport can provide direct access to these markets.inflatable water park

“There is growing momentum and support for a third runway at Heathrow. This week alone, Britain’s biggest business organisation – the CBI – has come out in support of a hub airport; the Airports Commission has said that it recognises the need for a hub airport but has ruled out a new airport in the Thames Estuary; and now this poll shows MPs back a third runway at Heathrow as the best solution for the UK.” – John-Holland Kaye, Heathrow CEO

On Monday, the CBI described the UK’s lack of hub capacity as a “ticking time bomb” and said that UK business wants action and politicians to commit to spades in the ground by the end of the next Parliament. They published research showing that while all airports have a role to play in growing the UK’s connectivity, not all airports play the same role. The track record shows that it tends to be hub airports that deliver the new connections to emerging markets that we desperately need.

For more information see this morning’s article in the Telegraph – Heathrow: Six out of ten MPs support a third runway.

New adverts release – Taking Britain Further

Today we’ve released a new set of advertisements that help explain the importance of Heathrow the UK economy as the nation’s only hub.


By Heathrow

Published 1st September 2014