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Published 24th June 2013

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Home > News > Colour Heathrow comp winner announced

We’re happy to announce that two-and-a-half year old Ridley (pictured) from Surrey has been chosen as the winner of the Colour Heathrow competition we ran during Airport Live last week.

Ridley’s mum, Sarah, sent us in the young artist’s masterpiece, which was based upon Night 2’s image, “How many animals can you spot in the cargo at Heathrow? One turtle, one octopus”.Sarah told us, “he had great fun getting messy with pens, glitter, glue, sticking and all sorts!”

“We live near Heathrow so he’s always waving at the planes …. thinks they’re quite small up there!!” – Sarah, Ridley’s mum.

Ridley will now receive his very own remote control aeroplane, an Ez Hawk Electric Trainer Plane!From the team at yourHeathrow we’d like to say a big thank you to all those that entered. The images are still available online here for those that missed it.

Want to know more about some of the Heathrow stars from Airport Live? We did, so we thought we’d look into what makes them tick:

John Holland-Kaye

John Holland-Kaye, the Development Director here at Heathrow, is responsible for rebuilding the airport, improving passenger experience and resilience. Before moving to the role of Development Director in November 2012, John was the Commercial Director responsible for all revenue including airline income, retail, car parking, property and Heathrow Express.Starting his career as a strategy consultant in London, John then moved global to Australia, the USA and the Philippines, gaining extensive international experience.We caught up with John to see what interests him when he takes a breather from work and why David Dowie and Outnumbered make him tick!

What’s your role at the airport?

I have been responsible for the overall Terminal 2 programme for the last four years, even in my role as the Commercial Director. Terminal 2 is the next stage of the transformation, demolishing the old 1950’s airport which we have outgrown and replacing it with a modern layout which aims to improve passenger experience.

Favourite thing about your job? 

The sense of possibility.  If you get on a plane at one gate, it could take you to Mumbai, but the plane at the next gate could take you to Rio and your life might be entirely different.  Of course you’d have to buy a different ticket!

Where were you born?  Cumbria, on the edge of the Lake District.

Keith HowardphotoA Station Manager for the Airport Fire Service, Keith Howard has the hottest job at Heathrow! Featuring on tonight’s #Airportlive, Keith will be getting his 15 minutes of fame to show you how he trains on planes and prepares for all scenarios. We’ve also taken a behind the scenes look with Gary Barthram our Airport Fire Manager.

Where did you start your career? Luton Airport.

Favourite thing about your job? My favourite part of my job is the integration of working with a fire safety team. Also, successful operations of the B777/A319 aviation incidents

Where were you born? Luton

Favourite hobby? Football

Favourite music? Justin Timberlake

It’s less than a week to go until BBC Two broadcasts live from Heathrow Airport as part of its exciting Airport Live series! Check out the trailer below.

Here at yourHeathrow we’re excited about providing our users with a host of interactive and entertaining content to support the show including profiles of the stars, live chats, quizzes, competitions and more…We thought you all might like a sneak peak of the show thanks to the BBC. Enjoy!Excited about Airport Live? What are you looking forward to seeing? Tweet us @yourHeathrow using the hashtag #airportlive!

Want to know more about some of the Heathrow stars from Airport Live? We did, so we thought we’d look into what makes them tick:

Glenn Palmer

For those that tuned in to BBC Airport Live Night 2, you would have seen Glenn Palmer teaching Dallas Campbell how to marshall in an aircraft. There’s nothing that Glenn doesn’t know about Marshalling after his 25 year career.

Favourite thing about working at an airport?  Working with the aircraft and being out on the front line and working with a good team.

Favourite thing about your job?  Being involved in the last Concorde flights and marshalling the plane was a definite highlight of my career. My favourite thing aside from that experience has been the arrival of various heads of state for a huge variety of countries from around the world – including all the members of the Royal family – US President, Russian President and the Pope.

Where were you born? Chiswick, London.

Favourite hobby? Aviation.

Favourite music band? ELO or Queen.

Favourite TV show? Only Fools and Horses.

Richard Oakesairport live Richard OakesAs Heathrow’s Winter Operations Manager, Richard Oakes has one of the most important jobs in the UK when snow starts falling. It’s a complicated operation preparing for and clearing the runway in the event of snow and one that Richard loves the thrill of.

How long have you been doing it for? 

August 2012. 10 of the longest coldest months.Where did you start your career?

I joined Heathrow Airport in January 1990 following a career in the UK Armed Forces. Beginning as an Air Traffic Controller I then moved into the Emergency Services at Heathrow. My career has included stints as a Fire officer, Service Delivery Manager roles in both Terminal 1 and 4, Service Manager Heathrow, Airside Operations Duty Manager, before my current position as the Winter Operations Manager.

Favourite airport moment? My favourite Airport moment is “tomorrow”, I’m never sure how its going to play out however I’ve planned meticulously for it.

Where were you born?Born in the tranquil, fragrant, picturesque seaside town of Grimsby.Favourite hobby? Snowboarding although it hurts more each year, and twice a year if I’m lucky may not qualify as a hobby.

Favourite music band? AC/DC. Especially when they are the backing tracks to action movies like Iron Man, (ironically a ‘Sabbath track).

Favourite TV show? It’s a long story but I don’t own a TV!

There’s been a lot of debate over Britain’s airport capacity ahead of the Davies Commission findings later on this year. Over the next couple of months at yourHeathrow we’re going to take a simplified look at the debate that may decide the UK’s future.

Today we start by looking at the findings of a Heathrow produced report, “Best Placed For Britain”, that puts forward the case that expansion at your Heathrow airport is the best option for the UK in 5 key areas:

Best placed for passengers

Heathrow’s location near the M25, M4, M3, and M4 roadways and its extensive rail connections make it closer to more Londoners than the rival proposals. If all proposed infrastructure development was in place for hubs at Stansted of the Thames Estuary, 4 million more people would be living within an hour’s drive of Heathrow Airport than the others.Twenty billion pounds has been spent on rail connections to Heathrow since 1970, and thanks to the Crossrail and Western Rail projects by 2019 Canary Wharf and Stratford will be within 41 minutes.

Best placed for the economy

More than 200 of the UK’s top 300 companies have their headquarters within west London and the Thames Valley because they see it as a world-class location. Between 45,000 and 75,000 workers are employed by foreign owned firms in this area it should be noted. This concentration is the result of 60 years’ worth of investment decisions by companies to base themselves near a major international airport. Our major airport competitors Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Dubai, are racing to construct economic zones around their own airports to take advantage of the same connectivity benefits the UK and Heathrow already have. The question is, if the businesses and the airport are already together – why move one?


Best placed for the UK to complete globally

By 2030, 79 per cent of the world’s economic growth is expected to come from markets in Asia, North America and Latin America putting greater pressure on traditional powerhouses such as the UK and the USA to increase connectivity with these areas. The effects of increased air access to these countries can be seen by the fact that UK businesses completed 20 times more trade with countries where there are daily flights to, compared tothose that have less frequent or none.

“Mexico, Brazil, Japan and Malaysia… there is a global race out there to win jobs for Britain and I believe in leading from the front. So I make no apology for linking Britain to the fastest-growing parts of the world.” – David Cameron, November 2012

Expansion at Heathrow could see additional hub capacity achieved a lot faster (by 2024) compared to Standsted (2032) and a Thames Estuary Airport (2034), meaning the UK could pick up momentum in the global economic race at least 8 years earlier.

Best placed for local jobs

Over 140,000 local jobs are supported by Heathrow’s operation as a hub airport including 76,000 alone that are based at the airport. The relocation of the UK’s airport “hub” would at the very least result in less business for the Heathrow airport and job losses in the surrounding area, while a worst case scenario could see the site close and the UK experience it’s biggest job loss in history. The difficulty lies in the need to create a huge amount of new homes in new areas quickly, while also compelling workers and businesses to move.


Potential job losses should Heathrow close.

To date, no hub airport has successfully moved more than 25 miles, let alone the over 50 miles that would be required by the Stansted or Thames Estuary proposals. The world’s two most distant hub-airport move attempts both failed with Montreal’s Mirabel (29 miles) closing down, and Milan Malpensa (35 miles) failing to bring domestic or short-haul international flights with it.

Best placed for the taxpayer

Heathrow is the cheapest option of the three in terms of cost to the UK taxpayer due to the extensive infrastructure, such as motorways and rail terminals, already in place. The airport already has terminals as well as road, rail and underground links capable of transporting 70 million passengers a year. Boris Johnson has already stated that the overall bill for the Thames Estuary proposal would be between 70 and 80 billion, with taxpayers to finance 25 billion.


Heathrow has already invested 11 billion in the last 5 years on infrastructure projects, at no cost to the taxpaer. By 2019, Crossrail will provide yet another handy transport link to Heathrow as well.

Want to know more about Heathrow expansion? Check out our new site area rough 210814

UPDATE: The BBC Airport Live television programme was held at Heathrow between June 17 and June 20 last year. Below is a recap of the Night 1 activities as they unfolded.

11pm, June 17: BBC Airport Live Night 1 Review

Night 1 of BBC’s Airport Live from Heathrow was a resounding success as the hashtag #airportlive trended around the UK amongst the thousands of show viewers! It was an exciting night out and about on the tarmac for the program as viewers got to take a look at the cockpit of an A380, get a behind the scenes look at being an Air Traffic Controller, and learn about how planes fly.

The episode gave a unique insight into the deadlines behind getting 190,000 passengers a day to travel through the airport smoothly. Viewers were given unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the daily relay race first-hand with a guided tour by Simon Newbold, Heathrow’s Airside Operations Manager.

The programme also showed air traffic control in action with NATs amazingly managing an arrival or departure every 45 seconds! The BBC team, based at the heart of the airport in the air traffic control tower, gave viewers an eagle’s eye view of the complex choreography of landings, departures and ground movements.

The episode also revealed how Heathrow went from a row of tents to an international powerhouse welcoming 70 million passengers a year. Paula Abbott, one of Heathrow’s Airside Duty Managers then gave viewers an overview of how weather affects the airport each day, not just when it snows.

Finally, the program went onboard an A380, the world’s largest passenger jet, to explore Singapore Airline’s first class service.

View clips from Airport live:

Enjoyed Airport Live? Get involved with yourHeathrow…

If you want to get behind the scenes of Heathrow Airport for yourself check out our interactive map, get involved with our quiz competitions starting tomorrow morning, or if you’re a junior airport fan why not get involved with the Colour Heathrow competition to win a remote control aircraft!

Our interactive map.

We’ll have more profile pieces tomorrow morning on the stars of airport live as well!Check out our Night 2 Preview and get involved with yourHeathrow via our live chat tomorrow night or on twitter @yourHeathrow!

7.45pm: Live chat starting now, BBC Airport Live Night starting at 8pm!

9.40am: Here at yourHeathrow we’ve got a host of stories, competitions, an interactive airport map and live chats planned for you this week to support BBC Two’s Airport Live show running from tonight until Thursday.

Check out what’s in store this evening…

The preview…

There’s plenty to look forward to on tonight’s show with the team taking a look into life behind the scenes in the air traffic control tower, the magic behind turning around an A380 flight and heaps more.

Here at yourHeathrow tonight, we’ll have our friends from NATS on hand in a live chat from 9pm to answer all your questions about what it takes to be an air traffic controller (ATCO) and what it’s like in the hot seat managing runway traffic.

Looking for more about some of the jobs shown on the show? We’ve got profiles on the stars of each night as well as a look at what it’s actually like being an airport fireman, a baggage handler, a pilot and an ATCO. Check out today’s piece on Stephanie Kelly, Airport Live ATCO star, here.

NATS ATC Steph Kelly gave us an insight into her exciting job.

For the kids we’re running the “Colour Heathrow” competition with a new cartoon picture to colour in each night. The prize? A brand new toy remote control airplane!

While you’re here, why not explore the airport on our brand new interactive map, with plenty of fun and quirky facts about the show and Heathrow?

Tomorrow morning we’ll kick off the first of our quizzes on each episode, with entrants going into the draw to win a Kindle electronic reader each day!

How to get involved…

We’re really excited about showing you your airport and want you to get involved with BBC Two’s programme, so either visit us here from 7.45pm until 9.45pm and get involved with our live show discussion or tweet us @yourHeathrow using the hashtag #airportlive!

Want to know more about some of the Heathrow stars from Airport Live? We did, so we thought we’d look into what makes them tick:

Paula Abbot

As one of our Airside Duty Managers, Paula Abbot, has a busy job filled with deadlines. During Night 1 of Airport Live we got to hear from Paula about how weather affects the airport each day, not just when it snows.Paula joined Airside Operations in July 2012 after leaving the RAF, and became a qualified DMA in June this year!

Favourite thing about working at an airport?

The team-work, dynamics and ability to free-range around the airfield. My favourite thing so far would have to have been the first time I drove down the live runway on an inspection!!!

Where were you born?  Plymouth but grew up in Cornwall

Favourite bands?  Madness and Elbow

Favourite film?  Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

Simon Newbold

Simon is one of the veterans of Heathrow having been in the company for 23 years across a range of roles but now as the Airside Operations Manager. During Airport Live Night 1 Simon gave us a first-hand look at the complicated process of getting 190,000 passengers a day through the airport.

Favourite thing about working at an airport?/Favourite thing about your job?

I love working with and being near the aircraft, the role really is right on the front line ensuring the safe arrival and departure of up 700 aircraft movements a day. Everyday is different, working and meeting such a wide range of people makes the whole experience really enjoyable. My favourite moments – because they were so unique, were seeing the final Concorde flights an then the first A380.

Where were you born? Ashford, Middlesex

Favourite hobby?  Football / Aircraft

Favourite music band?  New Order

Favourite TV show?  Dads Army

The Heathrow digital media team was excited to welcome ‘Heath’ (pictured) into our team recently after featuring in the Social Brands 100 for our work on Facebook (Heathrow Airport), Twitter (@HeathrowAirport) and youTube in the last year.

The Social Brands 100 is a study which recognises the brands leading the way in social media in the UK. Millions of interactions between brands and individuals during March and April were used to calculate the overall scores.

Coming in at #53 out of the 715 brands nominated, we were awarded a fun trophy to celebrate our Top 100 achievement. Given we couldn’t have won the award without our beloved fans and followers, we put them up to the challenge of naming our new office friend and mascot. The votes flooded in and ‘Heath’ (as in Heath-row) was the winning name!

We’ve got lots of exciting new content coming through on our social channels, so be sure to keep up to date on Facebook, Twitter and our new Instagram and Google+ channels. To supplement our new yourHeathrow site, we also have a new twitter channel (@yourheathrow). Share your experiences and get involved!

What stories would you like to see covered on yourHeathrow? Tweet us @yourHeathrow or leave a comment below.

JUNE, 2013: At yourHeathrow we’ve got something big planned for you in June! From June 17 to 20, yourHeathrow will support the BBC’s Airport Live program which will be presented direct from Heathrow Airport each night.

Here at yourHeathrow we’ll be providing program recaps, the chance to win prizes through nightly quizzes, live chat sessions during and after the program involving our NATS and British Airways friends, and heaps more…

From air traffic control to airport hangars, the series will follow aircraft from the moment they enter Heathrow’s airspace to the moment they depart. Airport Live will follow the airport as it works against the clock to keep planes on time, passengers moving and manage the impact of constantly changing weather.

“Air travel has become an everyday luxury that we take for granted, but behind the scenes it’s a fascinating web of processes all precisely managed to maintain equilibrium.” – Dan Snow, BBC

Over four nights we’ll get the chance to see how it all works. We’ll take a look at the complex choreography of air traffic control, learn to fly the world’s largest passenger jet, the A380, and discover how weather plays a crucial role in keeping the whole operation running smoothly. Airport Live will be a thrilling journey through the skies and a definitive account of modern air travel.”

BBC Two will go behind the scenes airside; into the heart of the air traffic control tower; onto the tarmac as a plane is turned around for departure; and into the hub of engineering to watch a service on a plane.

Janice Hadlow, Controller, BBC Two said, “In recent years, BBC Two has enjoyed great success with live events, from Stargazing Live to Volcano Live. Now, in one of our most ambitious broadcasts ever, we’re going behind the scenes at one of the world’s busiest airports.”

“Over four nights, BBC Two will be based at the air traffic control tower, offering a completely unique perspective on how an airport works around the clock.”

Looking forward to Airport LIVE? We are, and we’d love to hear what you’re excited about seeing on it, so leave a comment or tweet us via @yourHeathrow using the hashtag #airportlive.

We don’t like to boast here at yourHeathrow, but we think being named the ‘best airport with over 25 million passengers’ at the 2013 ACI EUROPE Awards is an opportunity for a subtle blow of the trumpet.

The award was jointly won between your Heathrow Airport and Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Judges highlighted Heathrow airport’s delivery of excellent services and facilities, and consistent commitment to corporate responsibilities be it to persons with reduced mobility, the environment, or to the local community.

ACI EUROPE is the European region of Airports Council International (ACI), the only worldwide professional association of airport operators. ACI EUROPE represents over 450 airports in 46 European countries.

The ACI EUROPE Best Airport Awards cover four categories of airport and aim to recognise achievement in core activities such as customer service, facilities, retail, security, community relations and environmental awareness and operations.

We want you to share your experiences of Heathrow. Tweet us what you like about your airport or send us a virtual “high 5” @yourheathrow #heathrowairport.


By Heathrow

Published 11th June 2013